ORA’s Brilliant Summer Party Plans – Part Two

Last week we told you all about the splendid things we have planned for students aged 13-15 this summer. If you’re aged 16-18 and feeling left out, have no fear — here are the delights we have in store for you.

Session 1 and 3: “The name is Bond. James Bond.”

Image shows ORA students on the steps of a house at a party.
ORA students enjoying one of our sophisticated summer parties.

As for the 13-15s, we have two parties per session, one halfway through and one for graduation. The first 16-18 party of the year, in Session 1, will be in the opulent surroundings of Kingston Bagpuize House, and will be for students in all colleges. The theme will be James Bond, so make sure to bring your sharpest suits and your most glamorous dresses and get ready for a great time! Among the treats on offer will be a laser maze, in which you must do your best to sneak past the lasers just like Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment.
The second party of the year — the graduation ball — will be divided into two. Students in St Catherine’s College and Lady Margaret Hall will go to St Catherine’s for a British Seaside-themed party, with every form of traditional entertainment — candy floss, a high striker and a caricaturist for a unique memento of the day. Students in Balliol will enjoy a British Carnival-themed party in their college, with a coconut shy and other traditional pursuits. Of course, all parties will have a DJ so you can dance to your heart’s content. The parties for Session 3 will follow the same pattern as Session 1 — though we might yet sneak in a surprise or two!

Session 2: Welcome to the Masquerade

In Session 2, the first party (for all students) will be at the Oxford Union, and will be something quite different — the theme is the OddBall, and it will be very odd indeed. From crazy golf to a silent disco to a life-size velociraptor just around the corner, you won’t know what to expect when you enter this wonderful world of the surreal.

Image shows two ORA students in masks for the masquerade ball.
The marvellous Masquerade Ball.

For the second party, as in Sessions 1 and 3, students in St Catherine’s and Lady Margaret Hall will go to St Catherine’s — but this time, the theme will be the Wild West, so remember to bring your Stetson and get ready for a hoedown. There’ll be a saloon bar shootout game to test your quick-draw skills and a bucking rodeo bull as well.
Finally, the second party of Session 2 will be for Balliol students. Its venue will be Balliol and the theme will be a Masquerade. When you step into this glamorous and fantastical world, hiding your identity behind your mask, you may want to avail of our fortune teller to find out what’s written in your stars — or maybe you’ll just head for the chocolate fountain! Either way, we’re sure there’ll be bags of fun to be had.
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