ORA in the USA!

Another milestone achieved for Oxford Royale Academy this summer, with our first Summer School abroad in Yale, as well as offering 5 students the chance to study at Stanford.


An outstanding collaboration between Oxford Royale Summer Schools and Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes started this summer. The 5 selected students will experience academic life at Stanford, one of America’s top universities, joining students from all over the world in exploring different subjects while enjoying a varied and exciting cultural programme. Students will hone their skills in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and innovation, while also being exposed to a range of subjects taught in the Stanford schools of Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and Business.
The programme with Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes will provide students with a tailored selection of unique seminars and workshops, including such topics as Design Thinking, Neuroscience, Creative writing and other topics not usually covered at school. Courses are designed, developed and delivered by expert academics who are passionate about their subjects and seek to share this passion with their students. Tutors conduct research at the cutting edge of their subject areas and are able to provide an insight into new and exciting developments that go beyond material covered at school, providing a taste of university-level study.
Read more about our Summer School in Stanford in our blogs.

The bus drove Stanford students across the infamous San Fransisco bridge to the viewing site where everyone got out their cameras and phones and took lots of photos.


It’s an exciting week this week as we open our doors at Yale University for the first time. With 9 students all living, eating, learning and sleeping in the world-famous Pauli Murray College, it promises to be an exciting week full of culture and information.
The Global Leadership course will teach students a range of important skills, including management theory and public speaking, whilst also learning more about Yale itself and the admissions process of colleges in America.
Many pupils arrived via the Amtrak train on Sunday and saw the beautiful New York skyline on their way. As they entered the beautiful Yale campus, many were mesmerised by the stunning architecture and grandness of the College, excited for their stay.
With so much planned for our students at Yale, the next week is sure to be fascinating, fun-filled and full of activities, so keep a regular eye on the blogs to discover what they get up to.

Students at Yale have continued to develop and refine their ideas of leadership this week as they participate in lessons and challenges, while experiencing true American culture.

We are really excited to see our first Summer School abroad finally kick off, and we wish all students the most incredible ORA experience in the States!