ORA 2014 in Numbers

Perhaps you already knew that ORA has welcomed nearly 2,000 students from nearly 100 different countries on our summer school this year. Here are some facts and figures from ORA 2014 that might prove more surprising.
We had no fewer than 64 classrooms across the beautiful and historic colleges of Oxford.
Image shows an ORA teacher writing on a whiteboard in front of a group of students.We used over 300,000 sheets of paper – and recycled them afterwards!
Image shows rows of graduation scrolls.What was all that paper for? Some of it turned into 3355 course binders comprising 217,054 pages.
Image shows ORA course binders.Our students went on 39 excursions to a wide variety of exciting destinations.
Image shows an ORA tour group in front of the Royal Crescent in Bath. It took 206 coaches to transport them all.
Image shows a coach full of students.Beyond just the excursions, we had 15 parties at 6 venues – and decorations included 1 life-size velociraptor.
Image shows an ORA party, seen from above.Students enjoyed many meals in college, but also had 2816 meals at 11 different restaurants when on excursions.
Image shows a pizza.For students on the trip to London, we had 1315 West End musical tickets. Mamma mia!
Image shows rows of musical tickets.At the heart of ORA is academic success. Students spent 74,925 hours in total in class, equivalent to 3,122 days, or 8.5 years.
Image shows ORA students working in class.No wonder everyone learned so much!
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