New nationalities registered for this year’s summer school

The number of nationalities registered for our 2015 summer school just keeps growing.
There have been several students enrolled this year coming from countries that have never sent a student to ORA before. We’re going to look at five of the most recent ones to enrol.


Image shows Almaty in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country by area; it’s the ninth largest country in the world. It’s also probably the place where the horse was first domesticated, back in the Neolithic Era.


Image shows the African Renaissance Monument.
Senegal is famed for the West African tradition of storytelling. Storytellers are called griots, who spend years training in history, genealogy and music. Senegal is also home to the largest statue in Africa, the African Renaissance Monument.
Image shows Senegalese women applauding.


Image shows Yerevan at dawn.
Armenia is an ancient country: it was the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as its official religion and its capital, Yerevan, is the world’s oldest city to have documented its exact date of foundation – the summer of 782 BC.
Image shows Tatev Monastery, Armenia.


Image shows Trakai from above.
Lithuania is a country with a strong historic record of independence, as one of the very last European countries to renounce paganism and adopt Christianity (as late as the 14th century) and as the first Soviet republic to declare independence.
Image shows Vilnius at night.


Image shows a winding road in the Bolivian mountains.
Bolivia is noted for its immense biodiversity, which results from its variable altitudes – from 90 to 6,542 metres above sea level. It is committed to preserving this natural heritage, having passed a law in order to be able to defend the rights of the planet as a legal personality.
Image shows Bolivian salt flats.
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Image credits: Almaty; monument; Senegalese monuments; Yerevan; Tatev; Trakai; Vilnius; road in Bolivia; salt flats.