New Nationalities Joined This Week!

We are delighted to have welcomed students from Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Albania onto our Summer School programmes over the last week, bringing up our total registered nationalities for 2016 to 89.
At ORA we pride ourselves on providing a truly international atmosphere, and are sure that our Icelandic, Kazakhstani, and Albanian students will prove another valuable cultural addition to our Summer School community. Last year students from over 100 countries took part in our programmes, and it always a real privilege to learn more about each of the different nations represented in Oxford every year. Did you know, for instance, that at 2,724,900 square kilometres Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, whilst Iceland is among the most scarcely populated? Or that a vast 70% of Albania’s territory is mountain terrain? With 57 days to go until the start of Summer School Session 1, we’re hoping to learn about a great many more new countries over the coming weeks…
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image credits: map of the world.