Meet the Scholars: Lucia

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to our successful scholarship applicants for summer 2017 – many congratulations to you all!

Well done, Lucia!

“When I opened your email announcing my scholarship, I could not believe it at first.
I was sitting in my class at school, trying to revise for an upcoming lesson, when I found out. I screamed with joy, and all my classmates immediately turned their eyes towards me, asking what it was, but I could not tell them just yet. First, I needed to call my mom. It was so rewarding when she said she was proud of me! In this moment I finally started realizing what I achieved and was proud of myself for this brief moment. I take life seriously and sometimes it is difficult for others to see the happiness in me when pursuing my passions, but the news of the scholarship lightened up my day. My eyes shine and I, quite unaware, start smiling whenever I think of the upcoming summer. Visiting Oxford is a dream come true and I am looking forward to it extremely. The feeling when you work so hard to achieve something and it finally comes is beyond expression, and I am already counting down the days. I would like to thank the ORA team for choosing me for the scholarship, and I promise to make the best of this once in a lifetime experience.”
Lucia is from Slovakia, and will be joining our Oxford Summer School for ages 16-18. For a full list of successful applicants for 2017, please click here. We would like to extend our thanks to all of you who applied!