Meet the Scholars: Fizza

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to our successful scholarship applicants for summer 2017 – many congratulations to you all!

We look forward to seeing you in Oxford, Fizza!

“I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded an ORA Scholarship for the 2017 Summer School!

My scholarship award was an equal a source of pride and joy for my family and I, especially since I get to represent my country in an international forum- and one such as ORA! I am extremely excited and looking forward to meeting the other scholars and students of ORA, in hope of an interactive, enjoyable and memorable experience which will last me a lifetime. The scholarship is a means of opportunity for me, existing to free me from any financial hardships I may have faced and as a way by which I can truly take a step towards understanding foreign cultures and promoting tolerance in the 21st century.
I am extremely grateful to be able to study engineering under an ORA teacher, which I believe will enable me to understand not only the fundamental teachings of the natural sciences but also the practical implementation of what I will learn. I look forward to an amazing two week experience with students from over the globe at the heart of Oxford!”

Fizza is from Pakistan, and will be joining our Oxford Summer School for ages 13-15. For a full list of successful applicants for 2017, please click here. We would like to extend our thanks to all of you who applied!