Meet our 2016 Scholars – Part Two

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to our 25 scholarship recipients for 2016, and their reactions when they found out they were coming to ORA this summer!

Thanh, Vietnam

“I could not believe my eyes when reading the email stating that I had won a scholarship to Oxford Royale Summer Schools. This is like a dream come true for me. I am looking forward to this two-week summer course, to learn something new and to meet amazing people from all parts of the world.”

Zaryab, Pakistan

Pakistan” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”200″ />I feel immensely thrilled and overwhelmingly exited to be a part of a uniquely designed course by Oxford Royal Academy, that has a trusted and professionally elevated image around the globe. I feel fortunate as well as privileged to win the award and to have this life-changing opportunity. I believe that this course in general will give me exposure and provide me with the skills and knowledge to take an informed decision for my academic endeavors in future. I look forward to making the best of this opportunity.”

Aryan, United Arab Emirates

I had just returned from a road trip when I saw the email- in a second I was overwhelmed with elation and satiation like never before. The scholarship award is definitely the zenith of my achievements until now and I am confident that this multi-cultural, enriching program by Oxford Royale Summer Schools will enable me to develop my innate passion for the diverse and dynamic field of engineering.”

Nana, UK

“I know the award will benefit me hugely and give me the opportunity to ease the financial load that my ongoing studies have put on my family, letting me focus on my targets of attaining good grades and developing my skills and knowledge. I look forward to taking part in the course, and gaining a greater understanding of the field of medicine, as well as making new friends from diverse cultures who share my interests. I can’t wait for the fun I know I will have this summer!”

Leonardo, Brazil

“Integrating into this community of brilliant young students represents the opportunity that will empower me to attain my dream of disseminating cultural awareness worldwide in order to foment the scientific and technological development of my country using literature and social media. Certainly, the bonds I will develop with my peers during the program are going to bind us together as a community for the rest of our lives, creating an international network of youngsters acting towards the creation of a better world.”

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