Meet our 2015 Scholars

Last week, we announced our winning scholarship applicants for 2015. Here’s what they have to say about how they felt when they learned they had received a scholarship from ORA.

ChandlerChandler, USA

United States of America
“I am so honored and excited to have received this award! To have the opportunity to study abroad at the Oxford Royale Summer Schools is truly amazing. While there, I hope to add to my practical knowledge and gain a whole new perspective on the subjects I will be studying. I also look forward to expanding my global understanding by meeting people from different parts of the world, and bringing all that I learn back home to share with others.”

SaadSaad, Pakistan

“I am completely overwhelmed with joy right now and can’t begin to describe my gratitude and eagerness to attend one of the best summer programs on the planet. About a month ago, going to ORA seemed like a distant dream but thanks to ORA’s scholarship program that dream will now be coming true. I can’t wait to be a part of the multi-cultural environment that ORA offers and I’m sure that I will leave at the end of the session as a global citizen.”

ImanIman, UK

United Kingdom(Great Britain)
“I was absolutely elated when I first heard the news, I couldn’t control my excitement and even let out a little scream! To be even considered for the shortlist was enough for me, let alone being picked by your esteemed faculty members. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you myself for this incredible opportunity and I will be forever grateful for this. I also look forward to meeting new people in my own age group who share similar interests as me.”

IrinaIrina, Romania

“I’ll never forget the moment when I found out about the scholarship results: it was during my Romanian class and all of my classmates started cheering and congratulating me- it was a truly amazing feeling! Receiving this scholarship is an incredible opportunity and I am honored to have been selected. The Global Leadership Programme will challenge me to improve my critical-thinking skills and discover new, exciting ways to look at the world.”

Thuy LinhThuy Linh, Vietnam

Viet Nam
“England, particularly Oxford, for such a long period of time, to me, is just a dream. I have never ever thought that someday, I could have a chance to go to England and even have a taste of the studying life there. This program has made a deep impression on me since the first time I was informed about it. A lot of thanks and gratefulness towards Oxford Royale Summer Schools for offering me such an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

TafseerTafseer, Pakistan

“I am really happy that I have been awarded a full scholarship to attend Oxford Royale Summer Schools. I hope to engage in fruitful discussions with the most brilliant minds in the fields of entrepreneurship, and clarify my doubts, queries and learn from their vast experiences. The team work and presentations before the faculty and fellow students will not only enhance my communication skills but also boost my self confidence and leadership abilities.”

KairinKairin, Estonia

“I was at school when I received this email. At first, I thought it was a joke but after a brief moment of realization I started crying and shouting and I had to leave the class because I was trembling with joy. Applying for ORA scholarship had been on my mind for two years, but I never thought I would be a suitable candidate for this extremely distinguished programme. However, thanks to the encouragement from my friends and family, I decided to put all my effort on these applications and show my deepest passion for medicine. I hope that ORA will give me the confidence and knowledge I need for my future candidacy to different universities. ”