The very last week of ORA Summer School 2017 is upon us | Oxford Royale Summer Schools

Every week at ORA ends with a spectacular party: with friends, food, and dancing, it’s a night to cherish.

The mid-session party kicked off on Friday last week with punting along the River Cherwell – a small hint of things to follow. After a delicious meal at the Cherwell Boathouse, an award-winning restaurant, students were ushered into the private ballroom, where they proceeded to enter…a surfing competition. In the middle of Oxford. The surf simulator was a popular source of competition for the evening, as students attempted to best each other, before staggering giddily onto the dance floor to burn off their dessert with a few energetic dance routines.
The following day, students were taken on the coach to Woburn Wildlife and Safari Park, where they were treated to a close encounter with monkeys, penguins and other small creatures…and a slightly less close encounter with some of the larger ones, from the safety of the ORA coach.
The refreshing encounter with wildlife was followed closely with more academic fodder. Business and Enterprise students were shown around the Mini Plant in Cowley, were they viewed the production process of a Mini car, from its initial stages as a metal shell, right up to the finished product. Medical Preparation students were whisked off to London for the day, to visit the Wellcome Collection; a museum and library showcasing inspired medical moments throughout history, as well as celebrating current advances in the field. Law School Preparation students were just as lucky, with a visit to the Old Bailey, where they were able to sit in on a selection of real cases, before spending time in an interactive courtroom scenario at the Royal Court of Justice. Much food for thought was gained from these trips, and what this might mean for students’ future careers.
At the mid-week ORACLE event, students were treated to the vocal dynamics of two guest speakers. Professor Johnathan Bard, an evolutionary biologist based at Balliol College in Oxford, gave an interesting talk on Creationism vs Evolution (no prizes for guessing which side he falls on). Scott Abrahams, Senior Vice President of Mastercard UK, gave a rousing directive on leadership, management and the eternal importance of hard work in all their doings.
Outside of the academia, students have had a lots of screams and giggles this week. Most of the screaming was elicited by a trip to London, to see The Phantom of the Opera. Mask-clad figures, creepy cellars, and chandeliers which move of their own accord had them on the edge of their seats. The giggling, however, was provoked by ORA’s Got Talent; a dazzling round of singing, dancing and toe-walking, all for the benefit of ORA’s “judges” (Counsellors.)
Graduation takes place tonight, and students are finished up their last scholastic tasks in lessons today, before preparing for the party later. We will sorely miss our last students of Summer 2017, and wish them all the best!
Are you thinking of joining us? Summer 2017 prices are frozen until September 30th! And if you can’t wait until next summer, the International Study Centre could be just perfect for you…

Images: ORA