10 Ways to Know You’ll Have a Great Time with Oxford Royale Summer Schools

1. You want to make friends from all over the world

Image shows four ORA students walking together.
2. You can’t wait to explore the UK’s top university cities

Image shows a pretty college exterior.3. You want to learn subjects they don’t usually teach at school

Image shows a medical skills lesson.4. You relish intellectual challenges

Image shows an ORA lecture.5. You have a sense of adventure

Image shows a student holding an owl.6. You love a fancy party…

Image shows dressed-up students next to a sign that reads 007.7. … but you also enjoy meeting new friends from all across the world

Image shows students with umbrellas in a punt.8. You want to be surrounded by beautiful architecture

Image shows one of the statues outside the Sheldonian.9. You know how to take a great selfie

Image shows a student taking a selfie with students taking a selfie in the background.10. And you can’t wait to sign up for next summer!

Image shows students playing Viking chess.There’s still time to sign up for summer 2018 – browse our courses and secure your place today ➙