Graduation – tears, laughs, and dirty dishes.

Students on the Gap Year course at Yarnton Manor’s International Study Centre graduated on Thursday, just in time to go home for the holidays.

Parents mingled with staff and students.

The evening began with parent’s arrivals and joyful reunion, followed by plenty of photographs taken all over the Manor. Staff then gently herded everyone into the Morning Room for the ceremony to begin.
Ted McGrath, Principal of the International Study Centre, began proceedings with a brief address on the virtues of the group of “confident, independent and internationally minded group of young people” she had taught, before proceeding to applaud their resourcefulness – for finding the Red Lion Pub on their first night. She highlighted their sterling efforts to raise £641 for Children in Need, and the many other positive contributions they made to their course and to society during the term.

All students graduated to a round of applause.

Each teacher took his or her turn to speak about the students they taught, and by far the most humorous was Law teacher Jackie Watson’s speech. Jackie likened her two students to a swan and a leopard, in both looks and character, and had the audience of parents and students giggling at the comparison.
But the students soon got their own two pence in.
Tove and Harriet gave a slideshow presentation on life in Yarnton Manor, which exposed everything from boys wearing matching outfits, Hallowe’en antics, guitar serenades, yawning faces, a Chubby Bunny competition, and even a comparison of the boys and girls kitchens (read: dirty vs clean.)

The boys were dressed to impress.

Tove also went on to say that, although in pictures the students appeared to be so happy during their time at Yarnton Manor, they also had differences, disagreed, laughed, cried together, and took care of one another. The Gap Year experience at Yarnton Manor is a unique experience indeed; as has been proven by this lovely group of youngsters were are proud and saddened to wish farewell.

Images: Copyright ORA

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