Get Set For The Great ORA Debate 2016!

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon in Oxford, but here at ORA we’re certainly not planning for a quiet weekend.
The inaugural Great ORA Debate with guest speaker Shami Chakrabarti will be taking place this Sunday (24th), with all students from our 16-18 campuses attending what promises to be a thought-provoking and stimulating event. The evening will centre around the question ‘”Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear” – Are We Living in a Surveillance Society?’.

The Sheldonian Theatre is among Oxford’s most prestigious landmarks.

One student has been selected to represent each campus, following last week’s rigorous selection process in which applicants were required to answer two short essay questions on an aspect of human rights. We are delighted to announce that the following four students will be stepping up to the lectern at the iconic Sheldonian Theatre this Sunday evening:
Representing ORA in The Queen’s College: Keara, Broadening Horizons, South Africa
Representing ORA in St Catherine’s College: Aleksander, Engineering Preparation, Poland
Representing ORA in Balliol College: Rhea, Oxford Enterprise Programme, Canada
Representing ORA in Yarnton Manor: Stefania, Law School Preparation, Iceland
Each student will speak for 5 minutes in response to the above question, with the most compelling speaker being awarded the Great ORA Debate trophy by Shami Chakrabarti herself. All four speakers will receive signed copies of her new book, On Liberty.
Those not attending in the audience but still wishing to get involved with the event should follow our live tweet from 7pm on the night, using the hashtag #ORAdebate.

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