Excursions booked for ORA summer school 2016!

Exciting news! A range of excursions have been booked for students joining us at ORA this summer.
Each ORA summer programme includes 2 coach excursions to exciting cultural destinations across the UK. A number of excursions have been organised by our brilliant Operations team, with many more to come over the next few months as the summer approaches. Destinations include:

Warwick Castle

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

Windsor Castle

windsor castle

Victoria & Albert Museum


Woburn Abbey

1618 LMH 2015 (661)

Tower of London


…and more to come!
Are you interested in joining us at ORA this summer, and having the chance to visit these exciting cultural locations? Click here to browse our courses and apply to an ORA summer programme ➙
Image credits: Tower of London, Windsor Castle, V&A