Excursions to Blenheim Palace, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and Portsmouth are confirmed

We are pleased to announce that the following excursions are confirmed for Oxford Royale Academy’s 2014 summer school:


Blenheim Palace

Seen by many as the most uncompromisingly grand stately home in Britain, Blenheim Palace is also notably the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and a rare example of the English Baroque architectural style. Blenheim Palace is only 20 minutes’ drive away from Oxford.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (Mary Rose Museum)

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a maritime museum and a part of Her Majesty’s Navy Base (HMNB) Portsmouth, the headquarters for two thirds of the Royal Navy’s ships and still home to the largest dry dock in the world. The excursion will include a visit to the exceptionally fascinating Mary Rose Museum, a structure built around HMS Mary Rose, the only 16th Century warship on display anywhere in the world. The museum is designed in such a way as to give visitors the best possible view of the ship, which was raised from the seabed in 1982.



Famous for being the birthplace of none other than William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon is an Anglo-Saxon town dotted with quaint cottages. The excursion will include a visit to Shakespeare’s house.



The excursion to Bath will include visits to the Ancient Roman baths and Avebury, a Neolithic henge consisting of three stone circles. As with Stonehenge, the original purpose of this structure is not entirely clear, but Archaeologists suspect it was used in some form of ritual. The Roman baths, on the other hand, had a clear purpose, and offer a fascinating insight into Ancient Roman life. The baths are below street level and the complex includes a museum that displays the artefacts recovered in the baths.
Further excursions will be confirmed in due course; watch this space!
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