Confirmed Speakers for Summer 2014

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The following fantastic speakers have been confirmed for Oxford Royale’s 2014 summer school for students aged 16-18:

David Cornthwaite speaking to ORA summer school students

David Cornthwaite

One of the very few people in the world who can claim that their job title is “adventurer”, David Cornthwaite is best known for his Expedition1000 project, in which he aims to complete 25 journeys of 1000 miles using a different form of non-motorised transport each time – so far including stand-up paddleboard, tandem and kayak. He will discuss his philosophy of ‘Say Yes More’ on being open to new experiences and chasing dreams.



Matrix-style image showing binary numbers with green graphs superimposed.

Daniel Came

Daniel Came doesn’t think you’re real. Or, indeed, that any of us are. His fascinating argument is that, given the technological ability to create a hyper complicated simulation, the human race would surely do so – and might create billions or trillions. Given those odds, it’s rather more likely that we are living in one of the simulations than the single original world. This is the focus of Daniel Came’s stimulating (and simulated?) talk.




A Formula One car in a race.

Holly Samos

Holly Samos has been a broadcaster for some of the UK’s biggest radio stations, as well as being the Formula 1 pit lane reporter for BBC Radio 5 Live, attending over 90 Grand Prix. It’s this expertise that she brings to her lecture, jointly with Maurice Hamilton, on the history of F1 and the Grand Prix, exploring the evolution of the sport and the Formula One car going back to 1907.


Two Formula one cars in a race.

Maurice Hamilton

Maurice Hamilton, who will be co-presenting a talk on the history of Formula 1 with Holly Samos, is an award-winning writer. He has been a Formula 1 journalist since 1977 and has worked for the Guardian, the Independent and BBC Radio 5 Live among many others, as well as writing more than 20 books and attending nearly 600 Grand Prix.



Police tape saying "crime scene - do not enter".
Crime Scene – Do Not Cross

Paolo Campana

Paolo Campana is an expert in organised crime and forms of extra-legal governance. As a Research Fellow at the Extra Legal Governance Institute, and a fellow of Nuffield College, he is currently working on a broad range of issues relating to organised crime, trafficking, smuggling and the operation of criminal groups. He will be speaking on mafias and other criminal groups, and considering how they operate in a globalised world.





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Toby Ord

Toby Ord, a James Martin Research Fellow with the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, is currently investigating the topic of moral uncertainty as part of his broader interest in ethics, future technologies and global catastrophic risks. He will speak on consequentialist ethics and the growing movement of effective altruism, which considers how charitable giving can have the greatest possible positive effect. His own organisation, Giving What We Can, encourages people to pledge ten percent of their income to charity. Ord himself donates all his income above £18,000 per year to charity, aiming to have raised £1 million by the time he retires.
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