The World’s Best Summer Camp for Teens: Oxford Royale Summer Schools

Image shows two ORA students at work.
ORA students dining in Balliol College
ORA students dining in Balliol College – Image Copyright Oxford Royale 2013 – All Rights Reserved

Still deciding what to do with your much longed-for summer holidays?

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We think we might have just the thing for you. At Oxford Royale Summer Schools, we organise stimulating academic summer enrichment programs designed to bring out the best in all our students and help them go on to achieve outstanding academic results. We offer what we reckon is the world’s best summer camp experience – one of the highest ranked and most exclusive summer schools around. A bold claim perhaps, but one we make with the backing of numerous awards and accreditations, and countless testimonials from happy graduates of our courses. Read on to see why our summer school wins awards and find out more about what Oxford Royale Summer Schools could offer you this summer.

World-class teaching from tutors who inspire

Image shows an ORA film academy class working on the lawn of an Oxford college.
Whatever your goals are, we can help you make an early start in your career pursuits.

At the heart of our summer school lies our commitment to providing an inspirational learning environment for every one of our students. We take our teaching philosophy very seriously, and our students consistently rate our teaching as one of their favourite aspects of their time with us. Our teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds – Oxford University tutors, recent graduates, local tutors and talented lecturers from other universities – but they all have one thing in common: the desire to inspire students with a love of their subject. They do that using the latest interactive learning techniques and by encouraging you to take an active role in group discussions and debates. Not only does this build on your confidence and public speaking skills, but it’s a fantastic way to make sure that what you learn stays with you in the long term. By the time you leave Oxford Royale Summer Schools, we’re confident that your zest for knowledge will be reinvigorated and you’ll be ready to take on your next big challenge, whether that’s sitting your exams or applying for a top university.

Our summer enrichment programs will help you achieve your future goals

Image shows a businesswoman on a plane, talking on her mobile phone and looking out of the window.
A summer camp should be a holiday too!

Students who are serious about giving themselves the best possible start in life will doubtless realise that summer holidays provide the ideal opportunity to get ahead of the game and add valuable experience – both academic and life – to their future university applications and CVs. Our courses are specifically designed to help you achieve your future goals, whatever they may be. Our university preparation courses are geared towards improving your university application and interview technique, both generally and for specific subjects, so that you stand the best chance of entry into a top university – as all of our founders attended universities in the UK’s top 25, we appreciate the importance of academic success.
You can also attend Oxford Royale Summer Schools to improve your English, or to develop your interest in the field of Medicine. If you envisage yourself as a future leader, our Global Leadership Programme could be just what you need to give yourself a head start, and if you have your heart set on running your own business one day, the Oxford Enterprise Programme will give you two weeks of intensive Economics and Business Management study. Whichever course you choose, you’ll also pick up those essential ‘transferable skills’ – teamwork, communication, analytical skills and so on. These will all come in useful both at university and in the workplace, so you can be sure that it’s not just your grades that will benefit from your time with us.

All the fun of a summer camp – and more

Image shows ORA students dressed up for a party.
A summer camp should be a holiday too!

Although we’re very serious about helping you excel academically, at Oxford Royale Summer Schools we believe that it shouldn’t be all work and no play. You are on holiday, after all! That’s why all our courses include a full programme of extra-curricular activities and social events to rival any summer camp you care to mention. You’ll get to try your hand at some new hobbies, such as African drumming or Parkour, as well as having fun doing the things you already enjoy – perhaps a film night with your new friends, or engaging in some friendly rivalry with a cookery contest. Bring your glad rags with you, as you’ll also be treated to some sumptuous parties at luxurious local hotels or manor houses – places that usually play host to parties like Oxford College May Balls, which are among the most expensive and exciting events in the world. These are the social highlight of your time at Oxford Royale and give you a well-deserved chance to celebrate new friendships and achievements.

You’ll stay in one of England’s most beautiful, historic and scholarly cities

Image shows the view from Exeter College in summer.
Oxford is beautiful in summer.

You can’t get more quintessentially English than the scholarly city of Oxford, and as a summer camp setting it’s perfect. Dominated by its stunning university buildings, but just as loved for its leafy parks and peaceful river, there’s a reason why Oxford is a tremendously popular city with tourists. With its scholarly surroundings providing boundless academic inspiration, we can’t think of a better summer destination, and we’ll make absolutely sure that you get plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful city during your stay. You’ll get to experience some of the things that make Oxford famous, such as punting down the tranquil river Isis and Cherwell, and you’ll call an actual Oxford University college ‘home’ throughout your stay. As well as giving you a flavour of life as an Oxford student, life in an Oxford college is also about as close as you can get to what it would be like living at Hogwarts. And if that isn’t enough to spur you on to achieve great things, we don’t know what is.

You’ll get to see more of England, too

Image shows Stonehenge.
Stonehenge is one of England’s most famous sights.

You won’t just stay in Oxford the whole time when you come on an Oxford Royale Summer Schools summer school. We’ll organise several trips to famous English cities and sights so that you get some time to play the tourist when you need a break from studying. Among the places you might visit are London, Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the elegant Georgian city of Bath (made famous by Jane Austen) and the mysterious prehistoric monument Stonehenge. England is full of interesting and historic places, and we firmly believe in broadening your cultural horizons by taking you to see them. And don’t worry – there will be plenty of time for you to shop for souvenirs to take back home for family and friends!

Make friends from all over the world

One of the things that makes Oxford Royale Summer Schools life so diverse and interesting is the fact that our students come from all over the world. This gives you the chance to meet people from many different cultures, teaching you about life in other countries and opening up your mind to new ideas. You’ll be able to learn from each other during classes and explore Oxford together in your time out. Strong friendships form during every one of our courses, so you can look forward to making some friends for life during your time with us. What’s more, our counsellors are on hand at all times to support you throughout your course (these are very often current Oxford University students, so if you’re thinking of applying to Oxford yourself, this is an ideal opportunity to ask them any questions you might have about applying to and studying at Oxford).

Don’t just take it from us

We may be a little biased when we say that we reckon we’re the best summer camp out there, but luckily we have plenty of evidence from other people to back it up.

We’ve won lots of awards – including one from the Queen!

Image shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
ORA has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

We’re proud to have been recognised with a number of awards, most notably winning Best Educational Product at the British Youth Travel Awards for the last four years running. Organised by the British Educational Travel Association, these awards recognise organisations like ours, who are committed to youth, student and educational travel to, from and within the UK. We’re also extremely honoured to have been recognised by none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, being awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category in acknowledgement of our ever-growing number of student enrolments. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also been named a finalist for the last two years in the EducationInvestor Award’s Exporting Excellence category in recognition of our outstanding international education services, putting us in the top 10 international education companies in the country.

Reassuring accreditation from organisations you can trust

Image shows the British Council in Hong Kong.
The British Council safeguards the quality of English language courses; ours have been accredited and praised.

We want you to be confident that you’re in safe hands when you come to study with us, and to prove it, we’ve been accredited by the British Council and the British Accreditation Council. The British Council is there to monitor the management, teaching, resources and welfare of organisations teaching English as a foreign language, and we’re happy to say that we’ve not only received full accreditation for the teaching of English, but we’ve been praised for our commitment to providing superior English language courses; we know our summer school ranking places us among the best. The British Accreditation Council has given us a further respected stamp of approval, as our BAC accreditation means that we’ve been submitted to – and passed – rigorous on-site inspections on all aspects of our student experiences, including management, learning, teaching, welfare, administration and health and safety. As well as these badges of quality, we’re also proud to be a member of several associations and quality assurance schemes that prove our commitment to giving you the best education and experience during your time with us. Our membership of StudyUK reflects the fact that we “operate to high standards and offer a secure and rewarding place of study” and that we’re a place where “you are certain of high-quality learning, value for money and the best investment for your future.” Our membership of EnglishUK reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality of English language teaching possible. We’re also a member of WYSE, the world’s largest network of youth and travel operators, and of COBIS, an organisation committed to advancing the interests of British schools and British education overseas. As a member of COBIS, we abide by its Code of Ethical Practice, which is designed to ensure adherence to best practice and to safeguard the interests of our students.

What former students say about Oxford Royale Summer Schools

Image shows two ORA students at work.
See our testimonials page for more great reviews from students.

If the endorsement of other organisations – and even our monarch! – isn’t enough, the words of happy students who’ve graduated from Oxford Royale Summer Schools courses and their parents should be enough to convince you that we’re the world’s best summer school. Kirstie said of her experiences on our Broadening Horizons course: “Oxford Royale Summer Schools truly has provided me with the best experience of my life to date. From the educational benefits and the cultural experiences to the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people from around the globe, every aspect of my life has been positively affected by the two short weeks I spent at Oxford. It was utterly incredible.” Jason, who came to us from the US for our Engineering 16-18 course, added: “Oxford Royale was the best summer camp I have ever attended. Not only did I learn a lot through the course, but I also met people from all over the world. In addition, I really got to know my fellow students and the counsellors through the time we spent together on the excursions and evening activities. Overall, this was an awesome experience and I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.”
We have loads of reviews from happy parents as well, including one from the mother of one of our students from Hong Kong, who wrote to us to tell us that “It was great to hear that my son considered this the best experience of his life”. It fills us with pride when we hear just how much our students have enjoyed their time with us, and glowing reviews like these reflect the fact that our number one priority is always our students. Whether we’re ranked among the top 100 summer schools in the world – or even among the top 50 – our very high rate of student satisfaction is what makes us happiest. So what are you waiting for? If you’re at a loose end this summer and keen to enhance your future prospects, enrol on an Oxford Royale Academy course today and look forward to immersing yourself in what is very probably the best summer camp the world has to offer.

Image credits: businesswoman; Oxford; Stonehenge; Queen; British Council