92 Nationalities Enrolled With 72 Days to Go Until ORA Summer School 2016!

With 72 days still to go until the start of the Oxford Royale Summer Schools Summer School 2016, we’re hoping to welcome students from over 100 countries for a truly international experience.
This week alone, students have enrolled from as far afield as Macedonia, Monaco, Iraq, and Uganda. These four new nationalities have swelled an already impressive catalogue, ranging from Belgium to Brazil and Luxembourg to Lebanon.
Here at ORA, a new enrolment is always a great excuse to brush up on our international facts. Did you know the following about our four newest nations?

Photogenic Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest lakes in Europe.


Once the domain of Alexander the Great, Macedonia is an entirely landlocked country known for its rich history. Its Balkan location means that its heritage contains both Ottoman and European influences, making for a varied cultural mix. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is arguably Macedonia’s best-known daughter, born in Skopje in 1910. Despite being the city’s capital, Skopje has a population of only 700,000, representative of Macedonia’s overall size: the country’s total population is a mere 2,000,000.

It's easy to see why 007 just couldn't keep away...
It’s easy to see why 007 just couldn’t keep away…


A microstate situated on the picturesque Mediterranean Sea, any mention of Monaco immediately conjures up images of glittering yachts, effortless luxury, and the Grand Prix. Monaco’s wealth is particularly impressive when one considers its size: a total area of only 2 square kilometres (1.24 square miles). The country’s most notable tourist spot is without doubt the casino at Monte Carlo, which has featured in three James Bond films alone – you may be surprised, however, to learn that residents of Monaco are forbidden from entering the casino, let alone gamble in it!

Sunset on the banks of the Euphrates.
Sunset on the banks of the Euphrates.


This middle-eastern republic has much more to offer than recent newspaper headlines might suggest. Historically known as Mesopotamia (literally “land between two rivers”: the Euphrates and the Tigris), the area has been dubbed the “cradle of civilisation” by archaeologists. Crucial inventions such as the clock, the wheel, and the calendar can all be traced back to Iraq. Not satisfied with these feats, Iraq also boasts the oldest-known writing system: cuneiform, a collection of 600+ symbols, is believed to have been developed in 3200 B.C.

Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla.
Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla.


Another country emerging triumphantly from a difficult recent history: travelers are now heading in their droves to explore Uganda’s lush mountain ranges and varied wildlife. Animal-lovers keen to experience the Big Five up close can do so in any one of the country’s impressive national parks and game reserves, where safety and sustainability are increasingly recognised as paramount. Not to mention snow-capped mountains, near-impenetrable forests, and over 1061 species of birds – it’s called “the pearl of Africa” for a reason!
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image credits: grand canyon; lake ohrid; monaco; euphrates; gorilla.