Students from 50 different nationalities have enrolled for 2018!

Oxford Royale is delighted to announce that we already have 50 unique nationalities registered to join us for our Summer 2018 programmes.
In previous years we were unable to claim enrolments from 50 different nationalities until much later on, so this is something to celebrate as early as October!
Here is a quick snapshot of some of the countries we will be expecting students from next summer:

For your chance to make friends from all over the world on 2018, browse our courses, and add your nationality to the ever-growing list.
Images: albania; argentina; austria; australia; belgium; brazil; canada; czech republic; china; costa rica; denmark; france; germany; greece; hong kong; india; ireland; israel; italy; jordan; kazakhstan; latvia; lebanon; libya; malaysia; mexico; netherlands; new zealand; norway; oman; pakistanpoland; portugal; russia; saudi arabia; singapore; south africa; south korea; spain; switzerland; taiwan; thailand; turkey; united arab emirates; united states; venezuela


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