2014 Scholarship Winners

After an extensive and incredibly competitive selection process, we are pleased to announce the six winners of ORA scholarships for our 2014 Summer School.
Natasha, Indonesia – New Perspectives
NatashaSalam, or greetings from Indonesia! Thank you very much for granting me this scholarship, and I am very honoured to be attending Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s New Perspectives course this summer. I feel blessed and just mind-blown that I have been given this opportunity. I know that I will make lots of new lifelong friends, travel home with unforgettable memories, and learn not only academic but also life lessons on the programme.  I am so excited to learn from my chosen subjects and the teachers, and I am sure that the two weeks I will spend with ORA this summer will be the most knowledgeable and best days of my life. I am in for such an amazing summer.”
Shailinder, Malaysia – New Perspectives
Shailinder“I feel almost a sense of euphoria after receiving the chance to attend this ORA Summer School. To simply sum up my feelings on receiving this scholarship, I feel overjoyed and elated at the prospect of experiencing life in one of Oxford University’s prestigious colleges. I hope to greatly benefit from the programme through the experiences it will give me, which I can then utilise in later life. Along with that, I hope to develop my communicative and collaborative skills as well as expand my knowledge on topics outside the school syllabus, by having the privilege to study under the tutelage of Oxford alumni. I couldn’t thank ORA enough for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”
Corina, Cyprus – Broadening Horizons
Corina“I would have said it is a dream come true, yet, truth be told, it is too good to even dream it. At times, I ask myself what would have happened if I had not glanced at the noticeboard in our school yard. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was luck. Who knows? What matters is that in just 147 days, two weeks sated with inspiring lectures, intriguing information and entertaining activities will commence. My heart races just thinking about it; two weeks in the “City of Dreaming Spires”, studying my favourite subjects taught by the most enthusiastic and brilliant academics. The cultural diversity, which I will be so lucky to experience, intensifies even further the agony of waiting. Overall, it is simple; the days just cannot go by fast enough!”
Maria, Romania – Broadening Horizons
Maria“I feel very proud of my achievement and motivated to prove that I indeed deserve this award. It is a great honour for me. I want to benefit from the programme as much as possible and plan on making the most of every day. I hope I will learn new and amazing things – mainly in the fields of Physics and Mathematics – that will contribute to enlarging my knowledge. I want to make new friends from all over the world, explore a large variety of cultures and maybe even learn a foreign language. I also hope my understanding of the world will improve through vast socialisation, life experience and academic progress. I am sure that my participation at ORA 2014 will be unforgettable, and that I will certainly acquire new and valuable skills.”
Grace, Canada – Broadening Horizons
Grace“Oxford. Scholarship. Summer. As the meaning of those words subconsciously began to register, my mind engrossed itself in the infinite number of possibilities that the summer holds – everything from going punting with new friends and studying the ancient but grandiose architecture of Oxford, to watching live Shakespeare productions! As a recipient of this award, I feel not only extremely privileged, but also incredibly awestruck. With this opportunity to study for two weeks in the exquisite “City of Dreaming Spires”, I am excited to soar to new heights and be challenged to explore phenomenal horizons far beyond what I had previously imagined to be possible. Bracing myself for an unforgettable summer of a lifetime, I can scarcely wait for Oxford Royale Summer Schools to expose me to new ideas, exotic cultures, exciting beliefs and extraordinary knowledge!”
Fizza, Pakistan – Oxford Enterprise Programme
Fizza1“I am simply overwhelmed with joy at this moment. Getting a 100% scholarship with ORA is like a dream come true and I feel incredibly privileged to have been selected. This scholarship will be a learning experience for me which will help me pursue my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. ORA’s Enterprise Programme will personally and professionally enrich me as my communication and time-management skills will improve, and will help to foster cultural tolerance and understanding. I will be able to learn through direct experience of facing challenging tasks and environments. I am very thrilled and excited to participate in this prestigious programme because the valuable experience gained at ORA will develop my overall profile, and help me prepare for future international placements.”
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