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Four students make a small robot in an engineering class.

Oxford Royale Academy's 2020


Oxford Royale's Engineering Summer School programmes come packed with first-class teaching from our expert faculty,
as well as applications guidance and advice for those applying to study Engineering at university.

  Ages 13-15 / 16-18 / 19-25 June - August 2020 Oxford | Cambridge | St Andrews
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Welcome to Oxford Royale Academy's
Engineering Summer Schools
in Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews

Oxford Royale Summer Academy's Engineering summer school programmes are designed specifically for bright, motivated students looking to further their studies in Engineering in preparation for a degree or future career.

Engineering Summer Courses with Oxford Royale Academy

AGES 13-15 Engineering Summer School Teacher

Introduction to Engineering
for ages 13-15

Introduction to Engineering is designed to provide students aged 13-15 with a head start in the fascinating discipline of Engineering. The course will offer an insight into what future study or a career in Engineering might be like.

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AGES 16-18 Engineering Summer School Student

Engineering Preparation
for ages 16-18

Our Engineering Preparation Programme aims to introduce students to the wide range of options they have when studying engineering at university, as well as the challenges facing the modern engineer.

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AGES 16-18 Racing Green Catherham

Mastering Automotive Engineering
for ages 16-18

This course offers a unique opportunity for a small group to spend their summer in the heart of the UK's Motorsport Valley®, building and testing of a self-assembly Caterham Car.

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AGES 19-25 Students building robot in class

for ages 19-25

On this course, you'll learn about the different branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, chemical, and aeronautical. You'll learn the vocabulary and skills necessary to grasp complex topics and problems.

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5 reasons to choose an Oxford Royale Engineering Summer School Course

St Catherine's College Oxford Summer school

Discover a world-famous university town

Our Engineering programmes are available across three ORA sites: Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews. Here at ORA our summer programmes are designed with the academic rigour of each course’s prestigious location firmly in mind, and Engineering students will find no shortage of inspiration in all three cities. From Oxford’s dreaming spires, to the white bricks of Cambridge and the Scottish Gothic grandeur of St Andrews, all three locations boast stunning sights and internationally recognised educational institutions.

Person typing on Apple Laptop

Gain a head start on future study

Engineering is a complex and competitive field, and even our youngest students will benefit from the academic ‘edge’ that an ORA summer course provides. Students with an interest in the sciences and mathematics at school will benefit from the more applicable subject matter on our Engineering courses, ensuring that they consider the implications of their study far beyond the classroom. This tutelage and experience will stand them in great stead as they move towards higher study, guiding students towards a field in which they can excel.

Engineering Summer School Mini Cooper Factory Tour

Enjoy subject-specific excursions

Students attending our Engineering summer programmes have the opportunity to experience a range of age- and subject-specific workshops and excursions during their stay with us. Engineering is a multi-disciplinary subject, and our students are encouraged to explore its scientific, practical, and technical elements by considering real-world situations faced by the contemporary engineer. Trips will take them to view practical and professional examples of excellence in engineering, and its implementation in everyday life.

Hand making notes on paper

Maximise your employments prospects

The workplace may seem a world away for the time being, but we believe it is never to early to introduce students to the world of the professional engineer – by bringing the subject to life and considering its impact and achievements in the modern world we hope to ignite students’ enthusiasm and provide them with a wider set of transferable skills. Engineering is a discipline in which students can pursue a variety of directions and specific careers, so being able to put thought into these destinations at this stage is hugely helpful for the majority of students who are still unsure!

Punting in Cambridge for Summer School

Make the most of the ORA experience

An ORA Engineering summer course will prove an unforgettable summer experience, combining academic rigour with a lively, engaging classroom setting and a host of parties, workshops, and excursions for all ages. Students staying in St Andrews, Cambridge or Oxford will enjoy a superb course, world-class extracurricular activities, and make connections to last a lifetime. Whether you are a seasoned ORA alumnus or keen to try something new, it will be our very great pleasure to welcome you to live, study, and socialise with us this summer!


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Hear from some of our past students

Engineering Summer School Student Headshot

Gurban, Turkmenistan

Introduction to Engineering

"It was the best summer I have ever had!"

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Engineering Summer School Student Headshot

Konstantinos, Greece

Engineering Preparation

"Not only did I learn about the different types of engineering, I also met wonderful people from around the globe."

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Engineering Summer School Student Headshot

Beatriz, Spain

Broadening Horizons

"A wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone"

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