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London’s Art and Architecture

London’s Art and Architecture

This course offers students a brisk and lively introduction to the history of European art and architecture, to endow students with the skills needed to critically engage with works.

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Course Summary

London is as architecturally diverse as it is culturally, and students attending this architecture summer course in London will enjoy exploring its many diverse streets and buildings. Students will explore how changes in London’s architecture reflect changes in the way Londoners have lived through the centuries, from the Saxon era to the epoch of the Kings and Queens through to the British Empire and the modern-day, with its extraordinary architectural examples such as The Shard.

In addition to major landmarks, from the Houses of Parliament to The Gherkin, students will also investigate some of the hidden secrets of London’s architecture, interspersed between the edifices of glass and steel that comprise London today. From the Renaissance, to the soaring Neoclassical, to Victorian Gothic, to Post-Modern galleries and museums, and even Imperial College London itself – the host venue for ORA’s London Summer School 2018 – students will explore how the tides of history have shaped the buildings of this ancient and eclectic city, and made it what it is today.

Each day, students will spend approximately the first thirty minutes of their studies learning about a particular period or style in London’s architectural history.


Students are not expected to have any familiarity with the history of art or architecture before taking this course; however, students who have already studied such topics should nonetheless find plenty to interest them, especially if they are keen to explore how what they have already learned is reflected in the diverse heritage of London. Students will all bring their own insights from the artistic traditions of their respective countries, so entering debate and making contributions for the benefit of the whole class is strongly encouraged.

Course Outcomes

What will you get out of London’s Art and Architecture Summer Course?

This course is intended to offer students a brisk and lively introduction to the history of European art and architecture, with particular attention to London’s unique heritage. Students are given practical experience of visiting specific buildings and art collections in London, and are endowed with the basic critical apparatus needed to engage critically with the works they observe.


Imperial College London

  • Location London
  • Ages Ages: 16-18
  • Bedroom Type Single
  • Bathroom Type En-suite
  • Year Built Founded in 1907

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London’s Art and Architecture is part of the Broadening Horizons programme.

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