Broadening our Horizons…

Broadening Horizons remains one of our most popular summer courses for 16-18 year old students.

Broadening Horizons students can now choose between Oxford…

With the option to choose from over 30 diverse subjects, ranging from Neuroscience, to Acting and Performance Skills, it is no wonder students return to us year after year to choose different study options and reconnect with old friends.
But in 2018, they will have the chance to broaden their horizons as never before, when the Broadening Horizons programme takes to the road to accommodate students in not just one, but three UK locations.
Until recently, Broadening Horizons was only offered in Oxford, but from summer 2018 onwards, it will be available in Cambridge and London as well, giving students more options than ever, not just over the subjects they study, but where they study them.


For the quintessentially English university city environment, look no further than Oxford. Its dreaming spires, winding lanes, and magical college halls (some of which have doubled for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies) will have you filled with scholastic vigor for the duration of your stay.
Cambridge is also no stranger to dreaming spires and soaring buttresses, but being (slightly) younger than Oxford, the city has a more open, green-space appeal, peppered with exquisite college buildings and mighty cathedrals along the peaceful banks of the River Cam.

…and London.

And who could discount the cosmopolitan bustle of London? A cultural melting pot of nationalities, London provides the internationally-minded student ample opportunity to explore sites of British heritage as well as diverse shopping and cuisine from around the world.
Would you like to study in the UK in Summer 2018? Choose from Oxford, Cambridge or London for our popular Broadening Horizons course, and get in contact today!

Images: london; countryside horizon; all other images copyright Oxford Royale Summer Schools.

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