A Snapshot of Things to Look Forward to this Summer

Which inspirational summer location will attract the most students? Which fascinating historical location will have students hunting for the best selfie opportunities? And which planned event will have them splitting their sides with laughter, or dancing until they drop?

Location Spotlight: Oxford!

University College in Oxford.
Oxford never fails to attract summer students from all over the world – from over 130 nationalities thus far for ORA in 2018! Home to 38 colleges of renowned distinction the world over, Oxford is one of the most inspirational places in the UK to spend a summer studying your chosen subject. Students aged 13-25 will study in this popular location with ORA this summer, across a wide range of disciplines, from law to leadership. They will have access to all the delights of a small but bustling city, with cinemas, theatres, cafes and restaurants, and plenty of beautiful libraries and college gardens to while away their time in.

Excursion Spotlight: London Musicals

Les Miserables musical.
Our prediction for the most popular excursion this summer is the varied range of London musicals our 16-18 year old students will be able to attend. From Wicked to Mamma Mia, Les Miz – as it is affectionately known – to Kinky Boots, students will be thrilled by the array of dazzling vocals and dizzying dance moves on display. And all of this after spending the afternoon exploring the sights of London.

Guest Speaker Spotlight: Dr James Borrell

Conservationist Dr James Borrell.
Dr James Borrell is a conservation scientist, known for his adventurous expeditions to locations such as the Peruvian rainforest, the Dhofar Mountains, the jungles of Borneo and the Arctic Circle. Dr Borrell has plenty of adventures to share with our students, and much advice on the topic of conservation. He is keen to recruit a new generation of conservation scientists, and his talks are always thrilling, yet sobering at the same time.

Event Spotlight: Punting

Girls in a punt laughing.
A traditional Oxford and Cambridge tradition, punting is hot on our list of top events for Summer 2018. Imagine this – you are pushing an unwieldy wooden craft down a stream using an equally unwieldy long pole, trying your best to avoid other crafts, low-hanging branches, ducks, and falling in the water. It sounds terrifying, but students are always to be found laughing so hard they can hardly move by the end of the day. It’s the perfect way to practise working as a team and make new friends.
There are many more exciting events and excursions planned for 2018. Each location has its own array of incredible excursions and guest lectures planned, so it doesn’t really matter where you study – you’re guaranteed an exceptional Oxford Royale Academy experience.
Images: dr james borrellles miserables musical