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Yale’s Campus

Yale’s Campus

Students live and study on the campus of Yale university, widely regarded as one of the very best universities in the world.

A World-leading University…

Nestled in the heart of Connecticut, Yale University has produced an extensive list of world leader alumni, including American presidents, business founders and actors. Modern, cutting-edge facilities, coupled with Collegiate Gothic architecture, brings the third-oldest American university into the 21st century whilst preserving its prestigious heritage.

yale campus tower building red brick and cloud sky

Experience the prestige of Yale University.

An Ivy League University, ranked both the third Best National University in the United States and the third oldest higher education institution, Yale University is the perfect location for an Oxford Royale summer school in 2021. Combining the prestigious setting of the Yale campus with the academic excellence of ORA’s courses ensures a rounded and culturally enriched programme. Founded in 1701, the University has played host to many famous individuals in its time, including 60 Nobel laureates and world leaders including US presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton (former US Secretary of State), Peter Mutharika (Malawian president), Harold Stanley (Morgan Stanley founder), Ben Silbermann (Pinterest CEO and co-founder) and Sonia Sotomayor (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) are among some of the extensive and notable world leader alumni. The impressive achievements of those at Yale are a testament to its extensive facilities and buildings, which ORA students are able to explore and enjoy throughout their stay.

students walking in yale campus

Visit famous University Buildings.

The University Library, which houses one of the few surviving copies of the Gutenberg Bible, is a captivating building that pupils can visit on a university tour, alongside the recognisable Harkness Tower, the famous Woolsey Hall and even the architecturally breathtaking Law School. Whilst they eat, sleep and learn in a traditional college building, students will experience life as a Yale student and immerse themselves into the college experience.

Map of Connecticut

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