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Enrichment Activities at Yale

Enrichment Activities at Yale

Throughout students' time on ORA's Summer School at Yale, they will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences. Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group and locations.

A unique summer of academic prestige

ORA offers a full programme of social excursions and enrichment activities to complement every student’s academic timetable.

Students will continue to learn outside of the classroom: they’ll enjoy exciting new experiences that will expand their minds and help them progress at school, university and beyond.

Team building activity involving map reading

Team and Confidence Building Challenge

In order to facilitate the improvement of teamwork skills, the Team and Confidence Building Challenge provides students with a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to complete in small groups. Each task is uniquely different, meaning that every member of the group has the opportunity to input specialist knowledge to aid the completion of the activity. This interactive workshop refines both confidence and teamwork skills, two fundamental skills for future success.

Public speaking exercise in classroom

Public Speaking Competition

Intended to instil fundamental leadership skills, the Yale course offers ample opportunity for public speaking. The Public Speaking Competition is the culmination of these informative lessons and skill sessions, encouraging pupils to create their own presentations to perform to their peers with confidence, clarity and coherence. The activity ensures that students are able to practice this important life skill in a supportive environment.

Children talking whilst sitting on grass

Mind Gym

Mind Gym aims to alter thought processes by shifting core beliefs through positive thinking techniques. With the application of positive proactivity, the session encourages participants to change thinking and attitude approaches, ensuring they are provided with useful strategies to cope with future stress.

Students debating around table


Expert tuition in public speaking ensures that students are equipped to make logical, coherent and convincing arguments. With a combination of essential skill sessions and practical opportunities to use their newfound talents, the debating element of the course ensures the chance to refine an important transferable skill for the future.

New York skyline

New York City

Yale University is nestled in the state of Connecticut, just along the coast from New York City. An excursion to the world-famous NYC is thus a must for those staying at Yale, who get to explore the fast-paced New York sites under careful supervision from staff. From the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and Public Library to Staten Island, Grand Central Station and Central Park, there is an extensive range of iconic sites for students to explore during their trip to the beautiful city.

Escape room objects

Escape Rooms

The New Haven Escape Rooms provide an exciting opportunity for ORA students to improve their teamwork skills in a fun and practical environment. Only those with true detective skills and logical thinking can solve the puzzles and find the clues needed to escape, with teamwork proving to be an invaluable asset required for this activity.

Yale campus tour

Campus Tour

A full guided tour around Yale University led by a current student ensures that ORA groups can fully experience the world-famous campus. With insights into iconic University buildings, including Woolsey Hall and the University Library, the tour provides an extensive and informative perspective into life as a Yale student.

State house room

State Houses

The Hartford State Houses make for a fascinating excursion, teaching pupils about the American judicial system. Alongside a guided tour of the State Houses and Courtrooms, individuals are taught about the fundamental differences between State and Federal Law as they stand at podiums and sit on the judge’s bench.

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