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St Andrews – Enrichment Activities

Throughout students' time on the St Andrews Summer School, they will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences.
Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group and locations.

St Andrews Tour

Exploring the gorgeous city of St Andrews introduces students to the cultural and historical area in which they reside. A castle and cathedral provide extensive historical background, whilst golf courses, botanical gardens and museums show students the cultural aspects of the town.

Scavenger Hunt

Discovering the hidden gems of St Andrews is great fun and the Scavenger Hunt promotes both teamwork and exploration of the historic city. Armed with a list of objectives, students split into small groups and run around St Andrews, taking photos with objects and in specific poses as they go. From having a picture with nature to imitating a shop mannequin, the activity gives students the chance to get to know each other whilst learning more about the city as they go.

A Night of Scottish Music

What better way to immerse yourself in Scotland than with an evening of Scottish music? Complete with the sound of bagpipes ringing through the Highlands, students have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional music of Scotland and experience a cultural aspect of the country around them.


Debating activities at St Andrews introduce students to the fundamental argumentative skills that will aid them throughout life. Promoting logical and coherent arguments, the workshops begin by equipping students with a refined skill set for producing a structured debate. Once the theory has been taught, students divide into groups and practise their skills as they debate different sides of a motion.

Sample Timetable

All academic lessons are supplemented with a wide range of enrichment and leisure activities to further students' educational and cultural experiences during their time with Oxford Royale Academy. View our interactive timetables by clicking on the thumbnail below to learn more about what's included in an ORA summer programme.