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Tech and Coding Summer School in St Andrews

Tech and Coding Summer School in St Andrews

From AI to cyberwarfare, the world of tech and coding is both exciting and fast-moving. Our up-to-the-minute tech and coding summer school programmes let you learn about these fields at the cutting edge, understanding not only the technical background, but also considering social and ethical ramifications of new technology.

Understand the technology that others only use

Tech and coding underpin so much of the modern world, from the automation that powers industry to the social media platforms that have changed how we relate to one another. Yet for many of us, how the apps on our phone or the electronics in the car actually work is a complete mystery. 

With Oxford Royale Academy’s Tech and Coding Summer School in St Andrews, you can learn how technology works, and gain the skills you’ll need if you want to pursue a tech career in the future. What’s more, this understanding will be useful across a wide variety of disciplines, spanning the sciences, the arts and the humanities. As technology increasingly becomes a factor in every part of our lives, it becomes increasingly important that we know how it works and what its limitations are. 

Tech and Coding courses in St Andrews

At Oxford Royale Academy’s Tech and Coding Summer School in St Andrews, you can get to grips with the amazing world of tech, from the principles that underpin it, to practical skills such as writing your own code and building your own robot.


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Explore tech and coding from different angles

Our tech and coding programmes allow you to find out more about these fascinating fields from different perspectives: developing your practical skills, looking at the impact that technology has on society, considering how tech companies operate in developing and marketing their products, discovering paths that your future career might take, and discussing to what extent tech companies have a responsibility for how the products they develop are used.

In this way, you’ll get a rounded view of tech and coding, which will serve you well not only in your future work in this field, but also, for example, at university interviews.

Aerial view of St Andrews town with blue skies

Get to know a historic town in a beautiful setting

St Andrews, a beautiful seaside town in Scotland, might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about tech and coding. But studying here with Oxford Royale Academy gives you the chance to develop your understanding of tech and coding while spending time in a wonderful setting.

St Andrews has stunning architecture, amazing natural surroundings, and a wealth of history for you to get to know. Study here to enjoy long walks on the beach, wild scenery, and maybe even try out a round or two of golf on the historic St Andrews Links.


Learn from our expert teaching staff

Our teaching staff are here so you can benefit from their experience and expertise. They come from diverse backgrounds; some may have had long careers in tech, while others could be current postgraduate students in Computer Science. What they all share is a passion for tech and coding, and they want to convey that passion to you, as well.

Tech and coding can often be dismissed as dull or nerdy, but with our teaching staff, this field will be brought to life. We hope that you won’t just learn about tech and coding, but that in a lively classroom environment, where everyone shares your enthusiasm, you’ll have a great time learning as well.

students making robot in class

Gain transferable skills

There are very few careers in which tech and coding skills aren’t an asset. Across finance, marketing, fundraising, web design, graphic design, and of course any career either in or adjacent to tech, knowing your way around how an app is made or how to write HTML for a website can make you stand out from the crowd.

Imagine if instead of wishing that there was an app for something you wanted to do, you could simply build one yourself. It’s these kinds of transferable skills that you can learn when you study tech and coding with Oxford Royale Academy, which will be valuable on your CV for years to come.

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Study with peers from over 150 different nationalities

Oxford Royale Academy’s summer school is incredibly diverse, with students of over 150 different nationalities having studied with us in past years. That means you’ll be able to meet and make friends with people from all over the world, and you’ll have your interest in tech and coding in common with them.

At Oxford Royale Academy, our exciting programme of activities, excursions and parties – including icebreaker activities – give you plenty of opportunity to get to know and befriend your fellow students. Many of our students return year-on-year to spend more time with the international friends they met at our summer school.

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student in oxford

“I gained so much knowledge and experience from this trip; it showed me things that are totally different to my home country. Now I’m very interested in studying at a UK university in the future.”

- Vannakhone, Laos

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

- Dennis, Sierra Leone

Tamas, an ORA alumni success story, smiling with his arms folded

“I attended Oxford Royale Academy, where I was inspired by guest speaker Ivan Beckley on the subject of good old-fashioned hard work being the catalyst for achieving goals.”

- Tamas, Hungary

Student portrait of smiling girl

“I learnt a lot from my academic immersion at ORA, not just about the topics of my selected courses, but also how to organise and express my thoughts in the most effective way.”

- Livia, Italy

Student portrait of girl with Oxford building in background

“The two weeks I spent at ORA were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences!”

- Oshea, Sri Lanka

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