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Social Sciences Summer School in Oxford

Social Sciences Summer School in Oxford

Challenge yourself and your view of the world by studying one of Oxford Royale Academy’s popular Social Sciences summer school courses, set in the stunning location of Oxford.

Study Social Sciences alongside students from across the globe

While Science helps us understand the natural world around us, the Social Sciences are vital to developing our understanding of our own societies, whether that’s in the worlds of politics, economics, or sociology. With the support of Oxford Royale Academy’s outstanding teaching faculty, you can explore not only how your own society works, but how it compares with others around the world.

At Oxford Royale Academy, you can study alongside peers from 150 different nationalities, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. For the study of the Social Sciences, this offers an incredible advantage to our students. In most classrooms, students only have experience of one or two different societies, and the rest of what they learn is theoretical, whether that’s the impact of different societal structures, government systems, or economic policies. With Oxford Royale Academy, it’s an altogether different experience, because our students have first-hand perspectives on societies across the globe, looking at them not only as residents of different countries, but also coming from different backgrounds and different educational systems. This gives you a unique insight into how theories in Social Sciences translate into practice. 

Social Sciences courses in Oxford

The Social Sciences underpin our experience of the world around us and encompass a vast range of subjects from traditional (such as Economics, Geography, Archaeology, Anthropology and Law) to more modern disciplines (including Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Psychological and Behavioural Science, Criminology and People Management). You might select one subject that particularly appeals to you, or choose up to three disciplines within our New Perspectives or Broadening Horizons programmes.

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Understand the different facets of the Social Sciences

The Social Sciences straddle a fascinating divide between the arts and the sciences. On the one hand, aspects of the Social Sciences can be studied empirically, and mathematical models and statistics play a valuable role in understanding the impact that a theory or policy can have.

On the other hand, the Social Sciences are about the study of societies, made up of humans, who don’t always react in a rational or predictable way. Studying with Oxford Royale Academy will help you to explore the subject from both perspectives to gain a rounded view of the societies we live in. 


Challenge your preconceptions and discover cutting-edge ideas

Much of what you’ll study in Social Science is built on very deep foundations; after all, the question of what makes a society function has been discussed for millennia, and a lot of that discussion is still relevant to us today.

But that’s not to say that this is a discipline that’s stuck in the past. Instead, it’s a field that’s updating all the time to respond to changes in our societies. When you study with us, you’ll find out about cutting-edge ideas and developments in the world of Social Sciences. Our programmes are constantly updated to make sure you don’t miss any new ideas.

Build on your understanding with field trips and excursions

Classroom study with Oxford Royale Academy is exciting and engaging, but we also feel it’s important for you to get out of the classroom and explore your subject in other settings. That’s why field trips and excursions are a central part of Oxford Royale Academy programmes, and the Social Sciences are no exception.

Exploring the institutions that are the cornerstone of our societies offers a key insight into how the Social Sciences works in practice, bringing the theories you may have discussed in the classroom to life.

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Study in an inspiring setting

With Oxford Royale Academy, you can live and learn like a student of the University of Oxford, with many of our Social Science programmes taking place in university buildings, and students staying in university halls. It’s a truly inspiring setting in which to study.

But it’s not only the university that makes Oxford an exciting place to be. The city also has a rich heritage in this area, for instance as the home of Oxfam (originally the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief), which is one of the most active organisations putting the theories of Social Science into practice to tackle poverty and inequality all around the world.

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Discover exciting possibilities for university study

Studying the Social Sciences lets you access a diverse range of university courses. The most famous is probably Oxford’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree, otherwise known as PPE – and the subject of choice for British Prime Ministers. But there are countless other possibilities, drawing on the critical thinking, analysis and scientific rigour of the Social Sciences, which offer transferable skills that can be applied across all manner of subjects, from History to Medicine.

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“I am extremely grateful to have learned so much and I truly hope that I will be able to participate in another ORA Summer School, or possibly study at the University of Oxford.”

- Blessing, Côte d'Ivoire 

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“The Great Debate between Queen’s College and St Catherine’s was probably my favourite event due to the interesting topic that was discussed and the eager young minds who made it their mission to prove that their arguments were genuine and valuable.”

- Ema, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“I got to see the world through the eyes of multiple people, cultures and religions.”

- Nadia, South Africa

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