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Politics and Leadership Summer School in Oxford

Politics and Leadership Summer School in Oxford

Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, it is to Oxford that future world leaders come in order to learn to lead.

A city where leaders are made

The University of Oxford has educated no fewer than 28 British Prime Ministers, and many other leaders of nations too, including Seretse Khama, who brought about Botswana’s independence; Bill Clinton, one of the USA’s most notable recent presidents; Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister, and many more besides. Come to Oxford and follow in their footsteps with Oxford Royale Academy.

A great leader requires diverse skills. They must be able to listen to people from a variety of different backgrounds and ways of life, to empathise with them, and to seek to solve their problems. A leader must be well-informed to think through issues for themselves, come to their own conclusions, and hold firm to their own opinions when needed, using their leadership skills to bring others with them.

Politics and Leadership courses in Oxford

At our Oxford summer school you will learn about inspiring political leaders while developing your own leadership skills. You’ll discuss topical issues, engage in ethical debates and become more engaged with the world around you, to become the kind of leader that the 21st century world needs.  

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Follow in the footsteps of leaders from all over the world

Oxford may be best known for educating British Prime Ministers and other politicians, but in fact world leaders from just about every nation come here to learn how to lead.

Wherever in the world you’re from, it’s likely you’ll be following a prime minister, a president, a chancellor, maybe even a king or queen from your home country when you come to Oxford.

And Oxford Royale Academy is equally diverse, with students from more than 150 different nationalities attending our courses. As you study with us, you’ll find what leadership means to your peers from across the globe, as you compare and contrast your experiences.

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Be inspired by a remarkable place to study

Oxford isn’t only inspirational as a result of the people who have been here in the past. The scholarly environment, the soaring architecture, and the determination of the people around you all play their part in inspiring the leaders of the future.

With Oxford Royale Academy, you can step inside and soak up the atmosphere of notable institutions such as the Oxford Union, the debating society that has shaped countless generations of leaders. Perhaps you’ll even take the opportunity to make a speech within these famous halls.

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Learn to express your opinions respectfully

Modern political discourse isn’t known for its civility, yet being able to express your opinions, and hear dissenting views from others with good grace and an open mind is a key skill for political leaders.

At Oxford Royale Academy, respectful discussion and debate is a vital part of our classroom teaching, and you’ll learn how to disagree politely, how to find common ground, and even how to admit a mistake and change your mind without becoming defensive – and how to accept it when others do the same.

What’s more, you won’t just learn the art of respectful debate, but also how you can best express your opinions with persuasive force, and robust arguments to back them up.

Take part in extracurricular activities that enhance leadership skills

Our exciting programme of extracurricular activities not only gives you lots to enjoy outside the classroom, but also offers further opportunities to develop the skills you’ve developed in your studies.

For example, activities such as escape rooms or other team challenges help you to practice your skills in leadership and teamwork in a fun environment. A highlight for many of our students is the Oxford Royale Academy Great Debate, which is the perfect opportunity to practice your public speaking in front of a large but supportive audience, and see if you can sway them to back to your side of the motion being discussed.

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Develop your confidence

One of the greatest challenges in Politics and Leadership is confidence.

Some leaders have it naturally, but for others, it takes work, and Oxford Royale Academy can support you in that work. By developing your skills and abilities, encouraging you to speak up in a classroom setting, and providing constructive feedback so you know how to improve, we ensure you’ll come to the end of your time with us not only better-educated, but also more confident in yourself and what you can achieve.

Ready to start your summer adventure?

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

- Dennis, Sierra Leone

“I am extremely grateful to have learned so much and I truly hope that I will be able to participate in another ORA Summer School, or possibly study at the University of Oxford.”

- Blessing, Côte d'Ivoire 

“Attending Oxford Royale Academy has impacted my life in a way I cannot describe. I remember arriving not knowing what to expect, and feeling extremely nervous. The hospitality of the other students and ORA’s staff made me feel instantly comfortable.”

- Safiatou, Guinea

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