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Humanities Summer School in Oxford

Humanities Summer School in Oxford

Explore the diverse subject of Humanities from new and fascinating perspectives in the magnificent city of Oxford.

Learn through discussion, debate and sharing your experiences

Oxford is famous for the study of Humanities and rightly so: the city is full of momentous history, inspiring museums and remarkable monuments to inspire any student of these subjects. Guided by our expert faculty, our programmes will help you explore Humanities from new and fascinating perspectives. 

Central to the study of Humanities, particularly at Oxford, is sharing your thoughts and ideas in constructive discussions and respectful debate. At Oxford Royale Academy, we encourage this spirit in our classrooms. Whether in History, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Leadership or any other Humanities subject, students know that their ideas are valued and worth sharing – and that the ideas of others are equally worth hearing and learning from. 

What you’ll learn through studying Humanities in Oxford is not only to get to know your subject better, but also to express your views more articulately and respectfully. Maybe the wise words of your fellow students will even lead you to fresh opinions on a topic that’s important to you. These skills aren’t only useful in the study of Humanities, but will be valuable for the rest of your academic career, and in the world of work too.

Humanities courses in Oxford

Critical thinking is at the heart of every Humanities course with Oxford Royale Academy: you’ll be encouraged to think for yourself and question everything. These crucial transferable skills will hold you in good stead throughout your life, no matter which career you pursue.

View of the entrance of University College Oxford from the main quad

Join a long tradition of studying Humanities in Oxford 

The study of Humanities in Oxford is an ancient one, dating back to the foundation of the university – itself so long ago that the precise date has been lost in the mists of time, though it’s likely it was around a thousand years ago.

The University of Oxford has maintained that tradition, and Humanities remains one of the areas for which it is best known – for instance in the form of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree (PPE), which has famously been studied by no fewer than three British Prime Ministers.

So if you choose to study Humanities with Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll know you’re part of a tradition with a long and notable past.



William Gahue giving award at ORA's Great Debate

Be inspired by world-changing alumni

It’s not just British Prime Ministers who have studied Humanities at Oxford.

If you come to Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll be studying in colleges that have educated numerous world leaders, including Seretse Khama, who peacefully brought about Botswana’s independence and was its first President for 14 years until his death; Indira Gandhi, the first female Prime Minister of India; and Bill Clinton, one of the USA’s most notable recent presidents.

Oxford has attracted people like these from across the world to study Humanities, and with Oxford Royale Academy, you can follow suit.

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Compare experiences with international peers

In the world of Humanities, being able to share opinions constructively is particularly valuable, as is being exposed to different perspectives, and both of these are actively encouraged on Oxford Royale Academy programmes.

With students of more than 150 different nationalities in attendance, the viewpoints you’ll be exposed to are extremely diverse.

For instance, in economics or political science, instead of discussing economic or political systems in the abstract, you’ll be able to ask your peers from different countries what their real experiences of living under these systems are, providing fascinating insights and illuminating your understanding.


Benefit from lively, interactive teaching

An Oxford Royale Academy classroom isn’t about sitting quietly and learning facts by rote. Studying the Humanities involves thinking critically and forming your own opinions, and that’s exactly what Oxford Royale Academy students are encouraged to do.

In this, we are inspired by the teaching methods found in the University of Oxford tutorial, where students present their essays and are required to defend them to their tutor and their peers. Our programmes aren’t quite as demanding as this, but they retain that key spirit of thinking for yourself about a topic, and exploring questions around it in a supportive but challenging environment.

A group of students walk through the streets of Oxford behind to Oxford Royale staff members. The bridge of sighs is visible in the background.

Live and learn in locations that changed the world

Walk down St Giles in Oxford and you’ll pass the Martyrs’ Memorial, commemorating where three Protestant clergymen were executed in the mid-16th century, in one of the most turbulent periods of British history. Visit the the peaceful environment of Lady Margaret Hall, one of Oxford Royale Academy’s centres, and you’ll be on the site of one of Oxford’s greatest controversies: the expansion of university education to women.

Oxford is full of places like these, where the topics you’ll study in Humanities – politics, history, philosophy – contributed to events with far-reaching repercussions. With Oxford Royale Academy, you can study Humanities in a remarkable setting.

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Scholarship Student Ellie next to Rad Cam

The counsellors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.

- Ellie, Wales

“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

- Aiche, Mali

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

- Dennis, Sierra Leone

Carolina at her graduation smiling whilst talking to two other women

“I found the ORA gap year course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.”

- Carolina, Qatar

“One benefit of a programme of this kind is the diversity and the fact that the students came from many different countries. In my opinion, that made discussions and debates more dynamic, as it wasn’t biased and we almost always saw multiple sides to the same story.”

- Danae, Trinidad and Tobago

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