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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment

Students attending our Oxford Summer School will enjoy a wide range of cultural enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies.

An unparalleled summer of individual academic and cultural development

ORA’s varied enrichment programme is aimed at developing students outside of the classroom, exposing them to new ideas and approaches that will help them in future pursuits at school, university, in their careers and beyond.

Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group.

Students working on a laptop together

Chaos Coding

Those opting to learn more about the technological world of coding and programming have the chance to create games with Chaos Coding. Using Micro:bit, a game-making software, students learn the complex skills of coding in a simple and fun format, ultimately producing their own functioning games.

Interactive history lesson

Happening History

History is brought to life with the Happening History Masterclass. Each workshop provides an interactive and educational insight into life into an era from history. From food and medicine to weapons and armour, the Masterclass ensures a fun and fascinating space to explore history.

Stage combat enrichment activity

Stage Combat

This masterclass teaches students how to choreograph combat for performing on stage, guided by a professional instructor who ensures that this is conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner. With expert tuition and practice, pupils learn how to realistically perform stage combat and can engage in faux skirmishes with their friends.

Holding a lizard in Zoolab as part of ORA'a enrichment programme


Learn about exotic animals from all over the world during the Zoolab Masterclass! Snakes, lizards, insects and more are invited into the colleges to be handled by the students, under the careful observation of the Zoolab team. While getting hands-on with different animals, students learn about their habitat, diet and lifestyle.

Blenheim Palace near Oxford

Blenheim Palace

In the heart of Oxfordshire’s countryside lies the stunning architectural feat of Blenheim Palace. Constructed in the 18th century by the first Duke of Marlborough, the Palace is notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of former British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Students explore the buildings and extensive grounds of this world-famous Oxfordshire landmark, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wicked the musical in London

London Theatre Trips

The chance to visit London’s West End and see renowned shows is often the favourite excursion of ORA summer students. With a variety of critically acclaimed performances available, students could be lucky enough to watch Wicked, Les Misérables, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, School of Rock or many other possibilities.

smiling students on trip to cotswold wildlife park

Cotswold Wildlife Park and West Midlands Safari Park

The Cotswold Wildlife Park is home to hundreds of animals from all over the world. Ring-tailed lemurs, giant tortoises, ostriches and giraffes are all on show amidst beautifully landscaped gardens perfect for a relaxing stroll around the animal kingdom.

The West Midlands Safari Park offers a similarly immersive exploration of animal exhibits. A walk-through trail is designed to educate young visitors about periods of zoological history and give them the chance to see incredible creatures from throughout history.


Roman Baths and Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a 5000-year-old Neolithic mystery, whose secrets have intrigued visitors for hundreds of years. With no certainty over its purpose, the enormous stone circle is an impressive site and key UK landmark for students to explore.

After investigating the mystical Stonehenge, a trip to the world-famous Roman Baths presents students with the chance to explore Roman Britain. A series of baths and springs reveal past Roman beliefs, including the remains of curse tablets thrown into the water to bring misfortune upon enemies.

Students on a trip to Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle and Windsor Castle

Journey back in time and experience medieval life at Warwick Castle, built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. History is brought vividly to life at this 1000-year-old stone fortress by a team of actors dedicated to jousting, archery and falconry. Students can explore the castle’s endless rooms, examine the medieval graffiti scrawled by long-forgotten prisoners or take a relaxing stroll around the castle’s beautiful Victorian Rose Garden.

Drayton Manor theme park

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is home to over 100 rides and attractions, as well as a 15-acre zoo. Visit the many different types of birds, reptiles and mammals, before letting off some steam on the exhilarating rides. Students can round off the day by tackling the vertiginous aerial assault course or enjoying a round of crazy golf.

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