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Engineering Summer School in Oxford

Engineering Summer School in Oxford

Discover the fascinating scientific, practical, and technical aspects of our Engineering in Oxford programme, and understand the real-life problems faced by an engineer in today’s world.

A subject that looks to the future

Using scientific theory and mathematical principles combined with a fair amount of critical thinking and a dash of creativity, the discipline of Engineering brings together many different skills from different subjects, making it the ideal subject for the ambitious all-rounder with a technical mind.

World-famous Oxford University dominates the city both physically and mentally, with its rich history and stunning architecture that has earned Oxford the name of the ‘City of Dreaming Spires.’ As an aspiring engineer, you’ll truly appreciate the unparalleled grandiose architecture throughout the city. As part of your course, you’ll visit Oxford’s ancient colleges, libraries and chapels, marvelling at their creators’ accomplishments. You will also enjoy the opportunity to explore Oxford’s countless museums, art galleries and its medley of colourful shops, restaurants and cafés.


Engineering courses in Oxford

On ORA’s Engineering in Oxford programme, find out the differences between Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Chemical, and Aeronautical Engineering, and explore the different careers that exist in these spheres. Understand how the laws of thermodynamics dictate the mundane and the insane, find out what it takes to get to Mars on a spaceship, or how to construct a building that will withstand an earthquake.

Create your own programmable robot or, if you choose our exclusive Mastering Automotive Engineering programme, build your own racetrack-worthy Caterham sports car!

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Maximise your prospects

Engineers are frequently in high demand all over the world and can enjoy very rewarding and lucrative careers. With so many different directions to pursue, both academically and professionally, it can be confusing to know where to start. 

On ORA’s Engineering in Oxford programme, expert teachers will guide you through the different options that various careers and courses offer, helping you to narrow it down and choose your favoured branch of Engineering. Highly experienced in the university application process, your teacher will provide you with practical advice and tips to ensure you get where you want to go.

A group of students walk through the streets of Oxford behind to Oxford Royale staff members. The bridge of sighs is visible in the background.

Explore an exciting city

Oxford is a city of two personalities: on the one hand, it oozes ancient traditions, academia and history. On the other, it’s a colourful and vibrant city bursting with life and multiculturalism.

Discover its cutting edge art galleries, fascinating and sometimes weird museums, and hunt for lost treasures in its myriad cobbled lanes and quirky markets. On ORA’s excellent organised excursions you’ll visit Oxford’s most well-known landmarks and also venture further afield to visit famous attractions around the country.

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Enjoy Engineering-specific excursions

As part of ORA’s rich programme of exciting excursions and activities, you’ll get the opportunity to see the real-life applications of engineering in action. 

Soak up Oxford’s plethora of fascinating museums and historical architecture and explore the city as a local. You’ll visit various landmarks, buildings and bridges around the city, old and new, and learn how they were designed and implemented. You’ll explore the key practical problems that engineers faced, and learn how they overcame them.

engineering class to build a car

Hands-on learning

Let us bring Engineering to life for you! On an ORA Engineering in Oxford programme, you’ll have fun as you’ll learn.

Using LEGO Mindstorm sets, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own custom-programmable robot and race it against your classmates’ robots. Or, if you choose our unique Mastering Automotive Engineering course, you’ll construct a real Caterham sports car – you’ll build it, analyse its design, and even test it out on a track with a test driver!

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First-class teaching

The quality of teaching on an ORA Engineering in Oxford programme is second to none. Our carefully-selected teachers are highly-qualified, passionate, and recognised as leaders at the cutting edge of their fields. Many of our teachers are Oxford University alumni or current teachers themselves. 

Returning ORA students rate the quality of teaching as one of their favourite things about their summer school experience with us.

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Student in oxford

“Every day, from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep, I felt like a University of Oxford student. Studying in the college, eating in the dining halls, sleeping in the dorms… It was a truly amazing experience.”

- Beatriz, Brazil

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“I learnt a lot from my academic immersion at ORA, not just about the topics of my selected courses, but also how to organise and express my thoughts in the most effective way.”

- Livia, Italy

“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

- Aiche, Mali

“One benefit of a programme of this kind is the diversity and the fact that the students came from many different countries. In my opinion, that made discussions and debates more dynamic, as it wasn’t biased and we almost always saw multiple sides to the same story.”

- Danae, Trinidad and Tobago

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“The two weeks I spent at ORA were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences!”

- Oshea, Sri Lanka

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