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Arts Summer School in Oxford

Arts Summer School in Oxford

Oxford Royale Academy’s Arts programmes make the most of everything Oxford has to offer, taking inspiration from this beautiful and historic city.

Spark your creativity in an inspiring setting

Whether you’d like to study Film in the setting for countless TV shows and movies, from Harry Potter to His Dark Materials, explore architecture surrounded by some of the UK’s most beautiful buildings, or delve into creative writing where the Inklings met to discuss the lives of elves, dwarves and fauns, Oxford is an ideal place to be. At Oxford Royale Academy, we love helping students get to know this wonderful city as they study with us.

So many artists throughout history have found inspiration here, whether that’s from the scholarly atmosphere, the people they’ve met, the grand buildings around them, or the city’s tranquil parks and gardens. Wherever it is that you derive inspiration, you’re sure to find it in Oxford, with a little help from your fellow students and from Oxford Royale Academy’s outstanding teaching faculty.

Arts courses in Oxford

Our creative and highly interactive teaching helps students engage with their subject of choice, exercises their imagination and gives them the confidence to explore their interests further – whether that’s art, theatre, film or creative writing, to name a few.

spires in oxford at sunset

Follow in the footsteps of the greatest artists in history

Oxford has known far more than its fair share of artists. From writers like Dorothy Sayers, poets including TS Eliot, and critics such as John Ruskin, to film-makers like Ken Loach, composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, and architects including Christopher Wren, the cultural influence of the city and its leading university is unmatched – and there are many, many more names that we could mention!

Studying with Oxford Royale Academy lets you follow in their footsteps, in some cases even studying in the colleges and staying in the halls where they lived and learned themselves. 

Teacher in Oxford city

Learn from our expert teachers

The teachers of our Arts programmes in Oxford are carefully selected as experts in their fields; many will be graduates of top UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. We train teachers in the latest techniques in interactive learning, to ensure that the classroom environment is always fun and engaging.

On our Arts programmes, we know that getting hands-on and learning practical skills is important too, whether that’s getting out and about with a film camera or doing technical drawing and model construction in Architecture. Our teaching staff can help support you in developing your academic and practical understanding of your chosen Arts subject.

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Find out about building a portfolio and other skills for your future career

Careers in the Arts can be challenging to break into, and unlike other competitive careers such as Medicine, there’s no straightforward path you can follow to become a successful artist.

Thankfully, Oxford Royale Academy’s expert staff can help you work out what kind of artistic career is right for you, and the steps you’ll need to take in getting there, including guidance on which university might suit you best. The work you do in your time studying with us can form the foundation of a portfolio for you to take into university applications to demonstrate your passion and your skills.

View of the 'dreaming spires' of Oxford

Make the most of an inspiring setting

Oxford Royale Academy’s Arts courses make the most of our stunning Oxford setting.

In Architecture, we take inspiration from Oxford’s remarkable architectural heritage – the city has examples of every major period in British architecture from the last thousand years. In Fashion, we visit the city’s museums to see examples of the fashions of the past and present. And in Film, our students have access to a setting used across films from Harry Potter to His Dark Materials for the short films that they create with us – whether that’s the grand environment of the colleges we’re based in, or the winding medieval streets that can be hundreds of years old.

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Learn alongside peers from all over the world

We’re proud that over 150 different nationalities from around the world are represented by students at our summer school. This has huge benefits for our students, as it allows them to share experiences and ideas with diverse peers, exposing them to fascinating viewpoints that they might otherwise never have encountered.

In the world of the Arts, this sharing of ideas can be particularly inspiring for our students, because tastes and preferences in art vary so widely by culture and tradition. In an increasingly multicultural world, understanding and appreciating the art of other cultures can be an important life skill.

Find the perfect course for you

Student portrait of girl with Oxford building in background

“The two weeks I spent at ORA were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences!”

- Oshea, Sri Lanka

student in oxford

“I gained so much knowledge and experience from this trip; it showed me things that are totally different to my home country. Now I’m very interested in studying at a UK university in the future.”

- Vannakhone, Laos

Student portrait of boy with Oxford city in background

“Thanks to Oxford Royale Academy, I now have the necessary tools to take on all future obstacles.”

- Cyrian, Benin

Scholarship Student Ellie next to Rad Cam

The counsellors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.

- Ellie, Wales

Student portrait of smiling girl

“I learnt a lot from my academic immersion at ORA, not just about the topics of my selected courses, but also how to organise and express my thoughts in the most effective way.”

- Livia, Italy

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