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Business Challenge Summer Course in Cambridge Ages 13-15

London Summer School 2020
Also in Oxford | Cambridge

Part of the NEW PERSPECTIVES Programme

Study Business with our London Summer School 2020. This course for ambitious teens focuses primarily on developing a new business or product, introducing students to different aspects of business and encouraging them to think about the effect businesses have had on their daily lives.

2 or 4 weeks | Available July - August 2020

  • Residential in historic buildings in Imperial College London
  • An inspiring business course taught by experts.
  • 17 exciting classes to choose from - tailor your programme
  • A truly international environment - over 150 nationalities at ORA in 2019

Course Summary

Through a series of presentations and practical exercises, this course for ambitious teens focuses primarily on developing a new business or product and encourages them to think about the effect businesses have had on their daily lives. Students are introduced to different aspects of business through various scenarios, including setting up a new business, getting funding, developing a unique product and pitching it to the rest of the class.

Students who take part in our Business Challenge: Design-an-App Challenge gain a hands-on insight into the fast-moving world of mobile app development – whether for iPhone, iPad, or Android – and its market. The workshop is designed to encourage students to apply their own ideas through interactive tasks and group activities: they learn how to make an effective and persuasive presentation, think about the opportunities and challenges involved in the development of innovative new products or technologies, and consider the most effective strategies to market and advertise such new and non-tangible ‘products’. As a result, students learn through their own experience what it is that makes certain apps so profitable and successful, whilst others fail to get off the ground.

Putting it into practice

There will be the opportunity to work in groups on the development of either a games or a lifestyle app, and each group will be expected to present a brief explaining their app, its market demand and justification of their pricing strategy, a series of app screenshots demonstrating how it will look and what it does, an iTunes app store page showing what their app will look like at point of sale, and an advertising video. This workshop will, therefore, develop their skills as well as give an insight into the world of business and e-commerce. The workshops will use a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities, tasks and skills to help all learners participate effectively.

What will you get out of the Business Challenge Summer Course?

The course aims to increase participants’ enthusiasm for business studies and innovation. Students will have the opportunity to study new and topical issues, as well as share their enthusiasm with other students on the course by engaging in group work. By the end of the course, students are able to understand the sources of success for new technological products, the factors that create demand for specific types of product, and the challenges faced by developers in marketing intangible technological products. They are also encouraged to think critically about the choice of product design, pricing strategy and advertising medium.

The course’s combination of both the theoretical and practical aspects of business and marketing (culminating in the App Challenge) enables students to understand and visualise the way a business works. The nature of the challenge mimics the requirements of business in real life, right down to realistic marketing and sales presentations, leaving students ready and eager to go out into the world as entrepreneurs.

The New Perspectives Programme

This subject is part of the New Perspectives course at Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s London summer school.

The New Perspectives summer course, for students aged 13 to 15, is suitable both for those who are trying to decide what to pursue in further education, and for those who simply want to learn about a variety of interesting subjects - 17+ study options are available!

Students choose two morning classes and one afternoon workshop to provide a diverse and stimulating curriculum that is tailored to their needs, allowing them to pursue areas of interest or try out something new. Students studying New Perspectives in London get the chance to live and learn in Imperial College London.

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Expectations and Pre-requisites

No specific experience is required in order to take part in this workshop.

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The New Perspectives programme - our flagship summer course for 13-15s - allows you to combine different subject options to enable a flexible, tailored programme that best suits your academic needs

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