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Essay Writing Skills Summer Course in Cambridge Ages 13-15

Cambridge Summer School 2020
Also in Oxford

Part of the NEW PERSPECTIVES Programme

Study Essay Writing with our Cambridge Summer School 2020. Essay styles and best practices vary around the world, but the skill of writing is generic: in this workshop, students will be equipped with the ability to write clearly and the construct thoughtful, readable prose, a skill of immense benefit in every walk of life.

2 or 4 weeks | Available July - August 2020

  • Residential in historic buildings in Cambridge
  • An inspiring writing course taught by experts.
  • 17 exciting classes to choose from - tailor your programme
  • A truly international environment - over 150 nationalities at ORA in 2019

Course Summary

The Essay Writing Skills workshop is ideal for the younger learner who needs to learn how to communicate in writing using an academic style. Learning these skills now will stand them in good stead as they work their way up through their school exams and on to university. By learning these skills at this early stage students’ clarity of thinking will improve as their minds develop.

The workshop complements any of the morning subjects on the New Perspectives course, helping improve students’ writing skills for a broad spectrum of subjects.

Although essay styles and best practices vary around the world, the skills that the students will learn in these workshops will be generic: they will be the skills that lead to thoughtful, clear writing that is a pleasure for the reader to follow. Therefore the differing academic environment of individual countries will not matter for our learners on this workshop: the necessity to be clear, accurate and controlled in English will be our and their goal.

Styles of Writing

Students will be given a taste of different styles of writing so that they are aware of how language can change depending on the type of writing that is being attempted. So there will be contrastive analysis on differing types of writing: a blog, an article, a creative story, a report and an essay. Students will be given the chance to write using these different styles.

For the younger learner, the workshop is based on ‘having a go’ – that is, trying out the skills learnt. The students will be encouraged to enjoy each other’s attempts at writing, to listen to each other attentively and to respect the good work achieved as well as the errors made: errors which are of great value in learning.

Only helpful feedback from learner to learner will be of interest. Students will provide positive feedback to one another at all times – in other words, feedback that can help make a positive improvement to their peers’ learning.

Workshop Format

The tutor will lead this workshop. The tutor will direct the learning at the beginning of each session, encourage ideas from learners and then the tutor will further direct the practice involved to achieve each outcome. The learners will be invited to become fully involved in any discussion and activities and to use their own individual school learning environments, as well as their morning classes, to fully inform each workshop. In this way individuals will build on their own current learning rather than learn something ‘foreign’. The aim is therefore that the students return to their own schools armed with skills that they can put into immediate use.

What will you get out of the Essay Writing Skills Summer Course?

This workshop is designed to help the nascent writer to improve and widen their skills in Academic Writing in English. The young learners will learn new skills and widen their scope of writing through activities such as:

  • Word building (learning about synonyms and choosing the right words in their writing)
  • Signalling (telling the reader clearly what they are going to do before they do it)
  • Paragraphing logically
  • Writing short essays and scientific reports

These activities will be carried out in a way that is fun, competitive and rigorous. Students will learn through:

  • Listening to the tutor
  • Discussing under the guidance of the tutor
  • Doing fun activities and exercises
  • Practical workshops with other students

Further skills worked on will be:

  • Handwriting legibility
  • Sentence structure
  • Spotting errors
  • Proofreading

The New Perspectives Programme

This subject is part of the New Perspectives course at Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s Cambridge summer school.

The New Perspectives summer course, for students aged 13 to 15, is suitable both for those who are trying to decide what to pursue in further education, and for those who simply want to learn about a variety of interesting subjects - 17+ study options are available!

Students choose two morning classes and one afternoon workshop to provide a diverse and stimulating curriculum that is tailored to their needs, allowing them to pursue areas of interest or try out something new. Students studying New Perspectives in Cambridge get the chance to live and learn in a college of the University of Cambridge.

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Expectations and Pre-requisites

No specific experience of essay writing is required, though a strong grasp of the English language is expected.

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The New Perspectives programme - our flagship Cambridge summer course for 13-15s - allows you to combine different subject options to enable a flexible, tailored programme that best suits your academic needs

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