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Biotechnology Summer Course in Cambridge Ages 16-18

Cambridge Summer School 2020
Also in Oxford

Part of the BROADENING HORIZONS Programme

Study Biotechnology if you are interested in engaging with cutting edge material, the applications of Biotechnology across a range of fields, and gaining an insight into the future directions of Biotechnology.

2 or 4 weeks | Available July - August 2020

  • Residential in historic buildings in Cambridge
  • An inspiring Biotechnology summer course taught by experts.
  • Combine this course with other options - tailor your programme
  • A truly international environment - over 150 nationalities in 2019

Course Summary

Students choosing to study the Biotechnology (popularly known as Biotech) option will be equipped with the knowledge to engage with cutting edge biotechnological material. Throughout the two-week programme, students will learn about the applications of Biotech across several key themes; medicine, food, industry, and the environment. They will also be introduced to the pioneering research which has led to the CRISPR gene editing technology. The ethics of this type of Biotechnology will be introduced to students, and they will be encouraged to discuss and debate it.

The course will incorporate both written and oral assessments, which aim to improve students' reflective writing and group work skills. By the end of the two weeks, students will be able to critically analyse scientific pieces of work and have an understanding of the current and future directions of Biotechnology. The course also assists students to progress in their further studies and careers, and hopes to empower students to think more widely about the value that Biotechnology offers to our society.

What will you get out of the Biotechnology Summer Course?

As well as discovering the basic fundamentals of Biotechnology, you will understand the current applications and emerging fields of Biotechnology. You will have also utilised real life case studies to understand and discuss Biotechnology’s applications in multiple fields; Medicine, Food, Industry, Environment.

You will have gained an understanding of CRISPR technology, its basic mechanisms, the research that led to the breakthrough in gene editing, as well as associated applications and dangers. After this, you will debate the ethics of CRISPR, presenting your understanding and views as a group. Careers in Biotechnology will also have been introduced, before developing your own ‘Biotech’ invention which could be used to solve an existing problem in today’s society.

The Broadening Horizons Programme

This subject is part of the Broadening Horizons course at Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s Cambridge summer school.

The Broadening Horizons course, for students aged 16 to 18, is suitable both for those who are trying to decide what to pursue in further education, and for those who simply want to learn about a variety of interesting subjects: 30+ study options are available!

Students choose two morning classes and one afternoon workshop to provide a diverse and stimulating curriculum that is tailored to their needs, allowing them to pursue areas of interest or try out something new. Students studying Broadening Horizons in Cambridge get the chance to live and learn in a college of the University of Cambridge.

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Expectations and Pre-requisites

No specific experience or skills are expected of students wishing to participate in this course, although a strong command of the English language is vital. We ask students to bring a laptop with them. If any additional course-specific equipment or software is needed, you will be notified in advance.

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