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Social Sciences Summer School in Cambridge

Social Sciences Summer School in Cambridge

Cultivate an analytical mind and an inquisitive spirit with a Social Sciences course in captivating Cambridge. Challenge yourself to consider the world that lies beyond your own experience.

Learn Social Sciences in an exciting and interactive classroom environment

Delve into the fascinating world of Social Science with Oxford Royale Academy in Cambridge, and learn all about the structures, trends and institutions that make our societies function – and how they can go wrong. Learning about Social Science helps you understand what makes the world work the way it does, and what we can do to make it a better place. 

Our teaching is tailored to offer plenty of variety and differentiation to appeal to students who have varied educational backgrounds and learning styles. In an Oxford Royale Academy classroom, you’ll find an encouraging and supportive environment to build your confidence in speaking about your subject – an important skill not only for the rest of your school career, but also for university interviews. Your time with us will leave you not only with a greater understanding of Social Science, but with improved study skills and renewed belief in your own abilities.

Social Sciences courses in Cambridge

Oxford Royale Academy’s teachers are trained in the latest interactive learning techniques to ensure all our students are engaged and involved in every lesson. That’s particularly important in the teaching of Social Science, where discussion and debate are essential to sharing perspectives, and honing the critical thinking skills that are central to success in this field.


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Discover new perspectives on the society you live in

Social Sciences offer fascinating perspectives on the societies we live in. They can help us understand why people behave in ways that might otherwise seem irrational, and how small decisions can have a disproportionate impact. Some aspects of Social Science can seem like you’ve unlocked a “cheat code” into understanding why societies work the way that they do – which is not only incredibly interesting, it’s also hugely valuable.

By studying Social Science with Oxford Royale Academy, you can access all this understanding and more, leaving you better informed and more aware of the world around you. 


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Gain the tools to make a difference

Studying Social Science doesn’t just help you to understand the world – it also helps you to change it.

From getting to grips with the economics that have lifted a billion people out of extreme poverty since 1990, to understanding why one political movement can succeed while another fails, to finding out which interventions have the most impact in building trust in a society, Social Science has immediate, practical effects.

If your aim is to make the world a better place, then Social Science can give you the tools to change people’s lives for the better.


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Compare experiences with peers from across the world

Oxford Royale Academy programmes are attended by students of 150 different nationalities, from all across the globe.

This is particularly beneficial in Social Sciences, as it allows students to compare their experiences of living in different societies, and the various factors that affect their experience of their home society. There are few places where discussions of different economic, political and social systems can be informed by students with direct experience of all of them, but Oxford Royale Academy’s summer school is one of them. This represents a unique opportunity to explore Social Science with first-hand accounts from your peers.

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Get guidance on university applications and careers

A plethora of different university courses and careers are open to students interested in Social Sciences, from the obvious – such as working for an NGO or in the Civil Service – to much more obscure, but no less rewarding, possibilities.

Our teachers can help you explore different career paths for Social Science, including giving you new ideas that you might not otherwise have considered. What’s more, they can advise you on your choice of university, and on what you’ll need to do to get a place at the university that’s right for you.

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Explore a beautiful and historic city

Cambridge is a wonderful place to visit and to study. Studying here with Oxford Royale Academy, you can live and learn in the beautiful surroundings of the University of Cambridge, and we also make sure that you have every opportunity to enjoy all that Cambridge has to offer, with guided tours, punting and more.

You can admire the famous King’s College Chapel, punt down the Backs and see the memorial stone that commemorates the poet Xu Zhimo with the first and last lines of one of his best-known works, Second Farewell to Cambridge, or simply enjoy exploring the city and soaking up its scholarly atmosphere. 

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“I got to see the world through the eyes of multiple people, cultures and religions.”

- Nadia, South Africa

“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

- Aiche, Mali

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“This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place where everyone cares for you and everyone is ready to help you.”

- Serly, Armenia

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