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Mathematics Summer School in Cambridge

Mathematics Summer School in Cambridge

Our exciting, interactive Mathematics summer school offers you the opportunity to go above and beyond the Maths you’ve studied at school, learning from our expert faculty how Maths can be seen in nature, music and everyday life.

Study in one of the world’s most notable cities for Mathematics

Cambridge is an inspiring setting for the study of Mathematics, with a long and rich heritage of mathematical investigation. Cambridge is the seat of the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, perhaps the most prestigious appointment in the field. This is a post that has been held by luminaries from Isaac Newton, who revolutionised Mathematics in the 17th century, to Stephen Hawking, one of the most notable physicists of the last hundred years.

Even the architecture of the city offers up inspiration for students of Maths, as you ponder the careful geometry of the construction of the Mathematical Bridge; best seen from an Oxford Royale Academy punting excursion. In Cambridge, with thriving academic study of Mathematics happening in the University, and countless start-ups converting the potential of those abstract ideas into world-leading tech businesses in Silicon Fen, you’ll see the incredible places that delving into Mathematics can take you.

Mathematics courses in Cambridge

There’s no better way to spark your enthusiasm for this fascinating and underrated subject; you’ll see that Mathematics isn’t just important, but vibrant and fascinating.

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Study Mathematics at the cutting edge

At Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll get a solid grounding in the fundamentals of Mathematics – but much of what you’ll learn won’t be the Maths that’s familiar to you from your school textbooks. Instead, you’ll learn about the cutting edge of Mathematics, such as the newest developments that you might encounter if you were a university student, and crucially, all the up-to-the-minute uses that these developments are being put to, such as the complex calculations that underpin new technologies such as blockchain. You’re sure to be engaged and enthused when you see what Mathematics can do in the 21st century.

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Get career guidance from Mathematics specialists

Do you know just how many prestigious, high-paid and interesting careers are possible with a degree in Mathematics? The stereotype is that all Mathematics graduates go into Accountancy, and while this can be a great career choice, there are so many more possibilities that many students simply aren’t aware of. Thankfully, our teaching staff are, and they can help you explore the career options that are accessible to you if you pursue the study of Mathematics. Not only that, but they can advise you on the next steps to take in order to access these careers, including giving guidance on university applications.

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Take part in cultural activities and excursions

Oxford Royale Academy’s packed programme of cultural activities and excursions supports your studies of Mathematics by adding breadth to your time with us. You might take a tour of Cambridge, and consider the Mathematics behind the architecture of the Round Church, which has endured nearly 900 years. Or, visiting Hampton Court, you might learn about the history of the Tudors, including Elizabeth I, whose advisor John Dee combined Mathematics with attempts at sorcery. Beyond these fascinating overlaps with other subject areas, activities and excursions offer you the chance to relax and get to know your fellow students during your time studying with us.

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Live and learn like a student of the University of Cambridge

If you want to get a taste of what life is like as a student of the University of Cambridge, studying Mathematics with Oxford Royale Academy is a great way to do it. You’ll live and learn in a Cambridge college, sleeping in student rooms and eating in the grand college dining hall. Many college buildings, including ones you may be staying in, date back hundreds of years. It’s inspiring to be in a place that has honed so many remarkable minds. At the same time, on a practical level, you’ll get an invaluable insight into Cambridge University life, which can give you more confidence at interview, and an idea of whether it’s the right university for you.

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Benefit from teaching that shows the practical value of Mathematics

Perhaps more than most subjects, understanding and engaging with Mathematics is made easier when you can see how what you’re studying relates to the real world. With Oxford Royale Academy, our expert teachers make it clear how Mathematics is used in the real world, bringing the subject to life in a way that you might never have experienced before. Lessons are carefully tailored to take into account different learning styles, so whatever way you like to study, your knowledge and understanding of Mathematics will grow and develop in your time with us.

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“One benefit of a programme of this kind is the diversity and the fact that the students came from many different countries. In my opinion, that made discussions and debates more dynamic, as it wasn’t biased and we almost always saw multiple sides to the same story.”

- Danae, Trinidad and Tobago

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The counsellors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.

- Ellie, Wales

“Living in such a prestigious and diverse academic setting, even if it was just for two weeks, helped me decide what I wanted to study at university.”

- Aiche, Mali

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“Oxford Royale Academy creates a small family-like community that makes everyone feel welcome and cared for. All in all, my experience at ORA is something that I will always remember and be grateful for.”

- Wisam, Sudan

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“I found the ORA gap year course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.”

- Carolina, Qatar

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