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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment

Students attending our Cambridge Summer School enjoy a wide range of cultural enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies.

A unique summer of cultural immersion

ORA’s diverse enrichment programme nurtures students’ personal development outside of the classroom, introducing them to new concepts and ways of thinking that will stay with them throughout their future academic, professional and personal pursuits.

Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year, and vary according to age groups.

Animation as an enrichment activity

Animation Nation

Stop Motion animation is a popular technique used in TV and film, involving photographing still models and presenting these photographs in quick succession to creare the impression of movement. Through the Animation Nation Masterclass, students put their creative and teamwork skills to the test, producing a real animation that is presented to the group.

Hollywood pitch activity

Hollywood Pitch

Aspiring screenwriters or directors are the perfect candidates for the Hollywood Pitch Masterclass. Working in small groups, students create an idea for a short story, picking their cast, location and synopsis. Having used their imagination to produce captivating narratives, the groups must then present their idea to the class in just a few minutes, aiming to impress their peers and have their script made into a Hollywood blockbuster. This workshop combines creativity and teamwork with public speaking skills, refining essential life skills.

Theatre workout activity

Theatre Workout

Students are taught a series of tips and tricks to improve their stage presence in Theatre Workout. From learning the best ways to project and pose on stage, to understanding different acting styles, the class provides students with a sense of confidence and a complete skill set for performing on stage.

Student taking photograph of flowers in Cambridge

Photography Masterclass

The beautiful city and architecture of Cambridge provides ample opportunity for budding photographers keen to get the perfect shot. This workshop teaches students how to use professional cameras and then challenges them to use their newfound knowledge to get creative around the city. Stunning colleges, flowing rivers and hidden nooks await students as they explore the city and snap photos.

Hampton Court Palace fountain

Hampton Court Palace

One of Henry VIII’s favourite palaces, Hampton Court is a fascinating blend of architectural styles. Tudor redbrick, Stuart water features, and a baroque palatial addition by William III and Mary II ensure that visitors can travel through the ages during their visit.

Complete with a winding maze and impressive Tudor kitchens (which made 1600 meals a day!), students visiting the palace will have a day full of interesting history and exploration.

Wicked the musical in London

London theatre trips

The chance to visit London’s West End and see renowned shows is often the favourite excursion of ORA summer students. With a variety of critically acclaimed performances available, students could be lucky enough to watch Wicked, Les Misérables, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, School of Rock or many other possibilities.

Spitfire at Durford

Duxford Imperial War Museum

Once the home of the RAF, where the famous Spitfires first took to the skies, this historical site is now a world-renowned War Museum. Experience over 100 years of aviation history, with a vast selection of ancient classics like the Lancaster Bomber, up to cutting-edge machines such as the supersonic Concorde.

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