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Introduction to Leadership in Boston Ages 14-15

Boston Summer School 2020
Also available in Oxford | Cambridge | Yale

Oxford Royale also offers a Global Leadership Programme for ages 16-18

An outstanding leadership summer programme residential on an Ivy League campus in Boston, designed to give students an early insight into what it takes to be a successful leader in the modern international community.

2 weeks | Available June - July 2020

  • Experience life in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Benefit from 17.5 hrs tuition per week from ORA's expert faculty
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Experience Ivy League college life
  • Discover all that Boston has to offer

Course Summary

The Introduction to Leadership programme provides students with the opportunity to refine the essential life skills required for roles as future leaders, whether in the fields of business, politics, science, the arts or any other domain. The course covers the most important knowledge and personal skills necessary for successful leadership, and is taught by experts in this field.

Students will gain an appreciation of the different leadership styles based on the approaches taken by current world leaders, whilst also drawing on the experiences of the class to see the ways in which these systems operate around the world. Throughout the course, pupils will refine both their public speaking and debating skills, ensuring that they are fully prepared for leadership roles in the future.

What to expect from the Introduction to Leadership course

The Introduction to Leadership course from Oxford Royale Academy has been designed to give students an early insight into what it takes to be a successful leader in the modern international community.

The course will combine fun and interactive study of key leadership principles with skill sessions to help participants develop important abilities, such as public speaking. Group projects also enable students to put their new knowledge and abilities into practice, under the guidance of ORA’s expert teachers.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have:

  • Developed practical skills for effective leadership, including clear communication, public speaking and analytical thought
  • A broader understanding of the leadership role
  • An awareness of leadership strategies
  • Learnt how to engage with the views of others in a constructive and respectful manner
  • Refined their skills in public speaking and debate

Topics covered

  • How leadership is defined
  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Public Influence and the media
  • Culture and diversity - what it means to be a leader in a globalized world
  • Conflict resolution skills

The table below gives an indication of the subject areas that will be covered in each day’s lecture and seminar. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please note that topics and timings may be subject to change.

Day Week 1 (Scroll right for week 2) Week 2
Monday Lesson 1: Leadership as a set of attitudes and behaviour
Lesson 2: Your personal best leadership experience
Lesson 3: Introduction to public speaking
Lesson 11: Economic Globalisation and the Crisis of Capitalism
Lesson 12: ...continued
Lesson 13: Workshop- Model United Nations Summit Day 1 Preparation
Tuesday Lesson 4: Standing on the Shoulders of giants
Lesson 5: Effective Leadership examples
Lesson 14-15: Model United Nations Summit Day 2
Wednesday Field trip or guest speaker Lesson 16-17: Presentations
Lesson 18: Leadership and Media in a Changing World
Thursday Lesson 6: The Power of One
Lesson 7: Decision-making at times of crisis
Lesson 19-20: Utilise a Propaganda Technique to Create an Advertisement
Friday Lesson 8: International Security: Traditional and Modern Challenges
Lesson 9: Student Debate
Lesson 10: Introduction to MUN - Day 1
Lesson 21-22: Gender and Leadership - The Real Challenge
Lesson 23: ORA’S Leadership Challenge

Take this course if...

Take this course if you aspire to be in a leadership position in the future and want to enhance your skills in order to get there, whether this leadership position is in business, economics, politics or any other field.

Welcome to Boston - a true taste of American college life awaits!

View of the Charles River in Boston

Join us in Boston in 2020 and live and study in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a buzzing student city located in the Boston Metropolitan Area, and just a short trip away from downtown Boston. Experience student life in this thriving centre of academic excellence, home to some of the world's most prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT, and study a range of fascinating subjects with ORA tutors. Home will be a comfortable student campus in the centre of Cambridge, from which you will be able to explore Cambridge's quirky culture of cafés, second-hand bookshops, tech startups and more. (Please note that this program is not owned, controlled or supervised by Harvard University or any of its schools or programs.)

Typical street scene in Cambridge Massachusetts
Harvard bridge and view of Harvard university
Cobbled streets in Boston

Outside of class, the extra-curricular programme is designed to ensure students the most of Cambridge and the surrounding area. Students will enjoy guided tours of the city, its universities, museums and other most famous sites, along with excursions to downtown Boston and its iconic attractions such as Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox. On campus, workshops in leadership, team-building, public speaking and more are designed to ensure students develop their personal skills as well as their academic ability, all of which are put to the test in the 'Escape Challenge'!

Famous landmark in Boston
View of the entrance of MIT
View of entrance to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox

Useful information for students & parents


Students at Boston will be accommodated in Hastings Hall, 1541 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, in twin or single rooms. Accommodation is the standard accommodation for students at Hastings Hall, with bathrooms shared between small groups of students of the same gender.

Learn more about our Boston campus.

Pastoral care & student welfare

The programme is overseen by the Programme Director, who implements the day-to-day running of the programme. The Director is assisted by a team of Counsellors who ensure that students are looked after pastorally, culturally and socially during their programme. Students are able to talk informally and frankly to the Counsellors in order to raise concerns or to discuss university applications. Each campus has members of residential staff who live in the college throughout the programme and are able to assist students at any time of the day or night.

Eligibility & pre-requisites

Students on this course:

  • Must conform to our age policy.
  • Must be fluent or near-fluent English language speakers – if you are unsure whether your English level is suitable for this programme, please contact our Registrations Team on [email protected] and they will be able to assist you.
  • Must be able to fulfil the basic requirements of the programme, in terms of attendance at lessons, meals and events. Please contact our Registrations Team for more detailed information.

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Introduction to Leadership for Ages 14-15 | Boston is residential in the following venues:

(If your course takes place in more than one campus in the same city and you would like to know more about which location you will be allocated, please call our admissions team)

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