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Psychological & Behavioural Science - Oxford

Oxford Royale Academy's Psychology Summer School for Adults, on the campus of the University of Oxford, taught by elite ORA academic faculty.

Why Study Psychology?

Find your career path in the exciting fields of psychology and behavioural science as you conduct original research, design investigations, debate ethical concerns, and explore emerging advances in social psychology. Personalize your experience by selecting either or both of two immersive modules including the “Psych Research Module” and the “Cognition Module”—designed to strengthen your skills and propel your future.

Why Choose This Course

  • Identify your own career trajectory as you engage with leading academics and practitioners in the exciting world of psychology and behavioural science.
  • Sharpen your communication, critical thinking, and public speaking skills as you present research and participate in critical ethical debates impacting the field of behavioural science.
  • Build your qualitative and quantitative research skills and expand your personal portfolio of research.
  • The “Psych Research Module” provides a comprehensive and immersive introduction to fields of psychological and behavioural science research where you will:
    • Apply quantitative and qualitative research techniques to design and conduct research studies in behavioural science.
    • Discover the importance of SPSS as a tool in psychological research and practice its implementation.
    • Design a qualitative experiment focused on Personality and develop supporting pilot questionnaires using tools like Qualtrics.
  • The “Cognition Module” provides an exciting exploration into contemporary issues and fields in Psychology with an emphasis on memory and abnormal psychology where you will:
    • Evaluate historical and emerging memory research and theory, while innovating current applications based on research.
    • Examine the structure and function of the human brain and discuss the risks and rewards of brain activity measurement techniques.
    • Explore critical areas of emphasis like depression, schizophrenia and memory disorders while also analyzing the cognitive aspects of social psychology including prejudice, conformity, aggression, stereotypes, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Reside in the prestigious colleges of the University of Oxford and build a global network of peers to strengthen your career trajectory.

What’s included?

  • Residential in the prestigious colleges of the University of Oxford.
  • Inspiring courses taught by experts.
  • A truly international environment – form a global network.
  • Accommodation, meals, tuition and cultural programme.
  • Graduation, report cards and certificate.
  • 10 exciting lectures and 10 lively discussion-based seminars.
  • Maximum 10 students per class.
  • 15+ hours tuition / week.
  • Talks with world-class guest speakers.
  • Inspirational cultural programmes, including excursions to historic UK locations.
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What you will learn

On our Psychological and Behavioural Science course, you will:

  • Gain insight into multiple fields and career trajectories within psychology and behavioural science.
  • Develop strong research, reporting, writing and presenting skills.
  • Design valid investigations and experiments.
  • Set up, use and run SPSS to arrive at statistical conclusions and integrate those findings into high quality psychology and behavioural science research reports.
  • Practice research in Cognitive Psychology and explore areas of investigation including developmental, social and abnormal psychology.
  • Build a basis in theory and practice to design and deliver future experimental studies.

Great For Students Thinking About

  • Uses of psychology for social development and clinical counseling.
  • Designing robust investigations using human actors.
  • The complexity of the human brain and the role of “intelligence” in human development and flourishing.
  • Considering advanced psychology and behavioural science degrees with an emphasis in research, consulting and clinical work.
  • Pursuing careers in teaching, counselling, clinical psychology, or research.

Earn your certificate

After your amazing summer of discovery, we know that you’ll want to share your success with your family, friends and teachers back at home. We also know that you’ll want to understand from your ORA tutor what you did particularly well on your course, but also where there might be room for future learning and development.

After successfully completing your course, you’ll receive a graduation certificate, awarded at a memorable ceremony hosted for you and your parents on the final Friday of your summer school. We’ll also provide a detailed report card, highlighting all that you have achieved during your time with us, as well as some next steps for future success.

Learn from the world’s best minds

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a new discovery at the cutting edge of science? Would you like to learn what it’s like to study in an Oxford tutorial, a Cambridge supervision, or in a top British boarding school? Or explore whether university study in your favourite subject is really for you?

Whatever your motivation, our exceptional, inspiring, world-leading teachers can help you achieve more this summer. Our amazing array of talented tutors includes Oxbridge academics, Ivy League lecturers, groundbreaking medical researchers, glittering industry leaders in film and fashion, acclaimed authors, and more!

We assemble our diverse faculty from all over the world, exclusively for you, so you only learn from the very best. Every tutor will guide you on your path to future greatness.

Join exciting trips and activities

At Oxford Royale Academy, we strive to offer a summer of fun and enjoyment alongside your academic immersion.

We can help you uncover Oxford’s secrets, from the best coffee shops to the dreamiest riverside parks, from Oxford’s very own castle to must-visit shops, galleries and museums. Alongside your new friends from around the world, you will enjoy a busy extra-curricular timetable, including a sophisticated graduation ceremony and dinner, guest talks from Oxford researchers and academics, excursions offering a glimpse of Britain’s past, and much more.

Useful Information

Arrival and Departure

Welcome to the Summer School Arrivals and Departures Hub. Here you can find all the information you need prior to departure including information about flights, transfer options and other important information regarding your arrival and departure.

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COVID-19 Response

As members of the British Safety Council, student safety is our top priority. Our coronavirus measures go beyond the latest UK government and Public Health England guidance, and as a minimum, guarantee a number of key features.

What to Bring

You will receive a Welcome Pack after you enrol. Your Welcome Pack will provide a full list of what to pack and which personal items and travel documents you will bring with you when you join the programme

Guest Speakers

We believe that the chance to talk frankly and openly with leading figures from the worlds of culture, media, sport and academia allows our students to develop both their confidence and their analytical skills. Each of our speakers presents on a topic that they are world experts on before fielding questions from our student audience.

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