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Developmental Psychology: On-Demand Online Course

Join our Developmental Psychology online course, with Oxford Royale Academy, and kickstart your career.

Online Developmental Psychology Course Introduction

Are you interested in what defines our personalities? Are you fascinated by some of the intricacies of the human brain? On our Developmental Psychology online course you’ll explore concepts like deprivation, gender and attachment as you get an overview of how human beings change throughout their lifetime. You will closely study a number of experiments into human development to use as case studies. And you’ll build a fantastic foundation from which you can start further studies into this fascinating subject. With our online course, you can study at your own pace, and learn in ways which are most convenient to you.

Join our Developmental Psychology online course, with Oxford Royale Academy, and kickstart your career.

Developmental Psychology

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What's in the Developmental Psychology On-Demand Course?

Course Summary

Have you ever wondered about the notion of identity? Or how and why our personalities develop? These are just some of the questions covered by the field of developmental psychology.

Through the exploration of concepts such as attachment, deprivation, privation, and gender, this course will introduce you to the fundamental theories of developmental psychology in an attempt to provide you with an overview of how humans change and develop over their lifetimes, and particularly at an early age. We will focus closely on a number of experiments that have taken place over the years and the different conclusions these have reached about human development, and will also focus on key case studies. These will provide you with an excellent base from which to undertake a university application, and useful discussion material for applications and interviews.

If you’re someone who is interested by the human brain, or about what makes us develop in the way we do, then this Developmental Psychology course is the perfect place to start your exploration into the human mind.

Topics Covered

During the course, students will…

  • understand the various influences that affect human development
  • gain a closer understanding of key concepts such as attachment, deprivation, and behaviour
  • gain an insight into the scientific methods involved in psychological investigations

By the end of the course, students will be able to…

  • understand some of the key factors that affect the way in which humans develop in their early years
  • discuss a variety of important experiments and case studies that have contributed to our knowledge of human development

What’s Included?

  • 4 x Interactive Tutorials
  • Online quizzes and exams
  • Access to the course discussion forum
  • Course worksheets and case studies
  • ORA Certificate of completion


Tutorial 1: Introduction to Attachment (1 - 1.5 hours)

This tutorial will introduce you to the key concepts of developmental psychology of attachment. It will discuss the different forms of attachment that have been found to exist as well as cross-cultural differences. On a more practical level, this first tutorial will teach you how to conduct experiments to observe and measure attachment and the potential problems associated with these experiments.

Tutorial 2: Theories of Attachment (1 - 1.5 hours)

This tutorial will build upon the previous tutorial by exploring how and why attachment occurs. It will draw upon the well-established nature v. nurture debate in advancing two main theories relating to the issue.

Tutorial 3: Deprivation and Privation (1 - 1.5 hours)

This tutorial will take a look at what happens in the absence of attachment. The two situations in which this can occur are called deprivation and privation respectively. The former focuses upon what happens when an attachment is broken, whilst the latter centres around what happens when an attachment was never formed in the first place.

Tutorial 4: Gender Development (1 - 1.5 hours)

This tutorial will discuss the many different explanations as to why we behave as males and females. These explanations often fall within either the nature bracket or the nurture bracket of the scientific debate that we encountered earlier on in the course.

Key Details

Course Pre-requisites

Advanced level of English
An interest and enthusiasm for science, with particular reference to Psychology This course would suit students studying towards A-level Sociology/Psychology or equivalent, and in particular those interested in further university study of Psychology.

Course Level

For students applying to university to study Psychology, Medicine, Social Sciences or related subjects



Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge is required to take this course, just enthusiasm for the subject.




4-6 hours (further independent study is encouraged)

How to Enrol

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What's included?

  • Access to interactive course content
  • Discussion boards, exams, resources
  • Personal learning profile
  • Course certificate
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