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Essay Writing

Being able to write effective, persuasive, and lucid essays is a vital skill. This detailed online course guides students through the whole essay-writing process from analysis of the question through to writing an effective conclusion.

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Introduction to Law

This course provides a brief overview of some of the fundamental areas of law typically studied at undergraduate level, such as criminal law, contract law, EU law, and the law of tort.

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Introduction to Medicine

The ideal course for students considering studying Medicine at university wanting to know a bit more about what a medical degree involves, as well as the different career paths that can be followed.

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Introduction to Philosophy

This course provides an introduction to a subject that deals with the most profound questions of existence, the very nature of the world around us, and the reasons for our being here.

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Introduction to Biochemistry

Throughout this course students are immersed in the sub-cellular world, looking at the chemical processes that take place within living organisms and which are essential for life, offering us a fascinating insight into how our bodies function on a molecular level.

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20th Century American History

A fascinating insight into the pivotal century when America became one of the most powerful nations on Earth, a century that saw the development of the nuclear bomb, put a man on the moon, and shaped the international climate in which we now live.

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Mechanical Engineering

This mechanical engineering course will introduce you to the study of machines and how the work of a mechanical engineer is fundamental to the design, production, and operation of the tools and machines that enable us to live as we do.

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Cultural Anthropology

This short course aims to give students an appreciation for the diversity of human experience, and the critical tools necessary for researching the social and cultural aspects of it.

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Try out a range of university subjects

Choosing what to study at university is one of the biggest and toughest decisions you’ll ever have to make, affecting what you do for 3+ years of your life and costing a large sum of money per year. ORA Prep’s wide range of subject tasters offers students the chance to try out new subjects in an interactive, engaging format, helping you decide whether a subject is – or isn’t – for you.


Gain extra knowledge in your chosen subject

Choosing your subject is just the beginning – you’ve then got to succeed in your application in an increasingly competitive applications process. Universities are looking for students who stand out from the crowd and show that they’ve got the passion to study their chosen subject further. Our courses help you do just that.


Prepare for the applications process and interviews

Preparation is the name of the game. ORA's online courses aim to prepare students by giving them a foundation on which to undertake the applications process: whether it’s simply a case of stating what most interests you on your personal statement, or whether you need to discuss key case studies and events in an interview, our courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to impress.


Consolidate your knowledge for Oxbridge and other top universities

Many top UK universities, including Oxbridge and London universities, rely on interviews as a key part of their applications process. Interviews scrutinise a student’s ability to discuss their subject and think through problems, and ORA Prep courses are designed to help students do just that.


Boost your knowledge for exams and general interest

The aim of our courses goes beyond that of just inspiring or educating our students. Our courses are designed develop students’ skills in note-taking, digesting information, and contextualising new ideas, all of which are critical skills required for university study.


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