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Oxford Futures

Oxford Futures

For the very first time in Summer 2020, ORA is delighted to be running a flexible summer course exclusively for students aged 12 in Oxford. Students can pursue a combination of subjects of their choice while living and studying in St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

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Course Summary

Welcome to Oxford Royale Academy’s Oxford Futures Programme, a summer course in Oxford exclusively for students aged 12.

Students on the course build their academic programme themselves, allowing them to tailor their study experience around their interests and goals. Each student chooses one morning class from a list of 10 options, including Medicine, Business and Enterprise, Law and Creative Writing, and one afternoon workshop from a choice of five possible options.

As the name of the programme suggests, both the academic activities and the wider social and pastoral programmes are designed to provide an insight into what life is like as an Oxford student, and to inspire each student to aim high in their future educational and career endeavours.


What to expect from Oxford Futures

Home for students on the Oxford Futures programme will be the beautiful St Hugh’s College. This is the only summer school programme for 12-year-olds in which students have the chance to live on the main campus of an Oxford University college.





Course Topics

Morning Class
Study Architecture while living among the stunning spires and colleges of Oxford this summer on our Architecture summer course for 12-year-olds, running for the very first time in summer 2020.
Business and Entrepreneurship
This course for ambitious students aged 12 introduces students to different aspects of business and encourages them to think about the effect businesses have had on their daily lives.
Climate and Sustainability
Are you ready to save the world? There is no greater challenge to humanity than problems with the climate and environment, and this course sets students aged 12 on the road to becoming the climate protectors of the future.
Computer Science
This course, open to 12-year-olds in Oxford for the very first time in summer 2020, provides an introduction and insight into the world of Computer Science.
Creative Writing
In this Creative Writing course, young learners aged 12 will be introduced to a wide range of literary techniques.
Are you ready to start your journey in the fascinating field of Engineering? On this Engineering summer course for 12-year-olds, students will explore the wide variety of Engineering specialisms available as subjects and careers, from civil engineering to mechanical engineering.
'Order! Order!' If you're interested in the Law and want to get a head start, this is the perfect Law summer course for you.
This course focuses on strengthening fundamental skills and techniques learned at school, before introducing new topics in order to develop confidence and ensure students get ahead of their peers during the summer. Students will have the opportunity to present work in small groups, to practice graph drawing, and to learn about general logic using mathematical puzzles and riddles.
Study the fascinating discipline of Medicine in a college of the University of Oxford! In 2020, for the first time, students aged 12 can learn the basics of this most interesting of subjects, whilst experiencing life at one of the best universities in the world.
Politics and Leadership
If you're aged 12 and interested in the world of Politics while also looking to develop your own leadership skills, then this is the summer course for you.
Afternoon Workshop
Acting and Performance Skills
Oxford Royale Academy's Acting and Performance Skills course is now available to 12 year-olds for the very first time.
Business Challenge
Get ready for your first steps towards a career in business on Oxford Royale Academy's Business Challenge course for 12 year-olds, residential in an Oxford college in summer 2020!  
Essay Writing Skills
The Essay Writing Skills workshop is ideal for the younger learner who needs to learn how to communicate in writing using an academic style.
Photography and Sketching
In this Photography and Sketching course students aged 12 practice their artistic skills in a number of practical sessions, learning about different practical aspects in addition the theoretical concepts surrounding different artistic schools, all in the beautiful setting of Oxford.
Public Speaking and Debate
In this Public Speaking and Debate course for 12 year-olds, students learn how to compose a speech on a particular topic, compose a strong argument, and respond composedly to different speakers.


St Hugh’s College

  • Location Oxford
  • Ages Ages: 12, 13- 5, 16-18
  • Bedroom Type Single
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1886

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