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Oxford Royale Academy's 2020


ORA is delighted to be offering two courses on Veterinary Science to students aged 13-18. The two-week courses will
give students an introduction to the subject of Veterinary Science, and offer a combination of theoretical academic study and practical
vet skills workshops, based in the stunning surroundings of the University of Cambridge.

  Ages 13-15 / 16-18 July - August 2020
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Study Options
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Secure your place on our Veterinary Summer School 2020 and expect world-class teaching facilities and expert tuition to ensure the best possible Veterinary School preparation.

Veterinary Science Courses with Oxford Royale Summer Schools

AGES 13-15 Practising Veterinary Science

Introduction to Veterinary Science for ages 13-15

The Introduction to Veterinary Science course is aimed at students with an interest in Veterinary Science, who may be considering the future possibility of studying a veterinary course at university.

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AGES 16-18 Holding a dog

Veterinary Science Preparation for ages 16-18

The course will offer a practical insight into studying Veterinary Science at higher education level, and pursuing a career as a vet, and will offer support to students thinking of making an application to study in the UK.

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5 reasons to choose an Oxford Royale Summer Schools Veterinary Science Course

Cambridge University College Summer school

Study in a world-renowned university city

Our Veterinary Science summer programmes are based in Cambridge, the ideal location in which to live, study, and develop your interest in the veterinary sciences. From introductory courses for ages 13-15 to high-level project work for over 16s, we employ expert teaching staff who each cater to their students’ specific ages and levels of experience. Whichever course you study, you’ll discover an environment teeming with academia and a storied history of veterinary excellence – not to mention some of the world’s most prestigious university locations.

Hand writing in notebook with pen

Plan ahead for veterinary school

Veterinary Science is a notoriously demanding and competitive field, and successfully applying to your chosen veterinary school is a significant first hurdle. Our Veterinary Science Programme in particular seeks to build a strong foundation of experience that can be drawn upon in a university application, as well as increased confidence in what is required of a veterinary student. For those a little earlier in their academic careers, an ORA course can provide a vital first step into and enthusiasm for this varied and valuable profession. These chances to gain insights and build experience in terms of applications and the direction of your study could prove decisive in your academic career.


Gain hands-on veterinary experience

Not many students realise Veterinary Science is an art as well as a science: as well as a theoretical knowledge of biomedical science and anatomy, medical professionals are trained in finely-honed surgical arts such as the stitching of sutures. Students across our veterinary summer programmes have the opportunity to engage in practical skills workshops, using real training equipment and trying out a variety of tasks from dissection to stitching. This practical experience can be invaluable when applying to veterinary school, giving relevant experience on which students can draw in applications and interviews.

Vetinary Science Prep Workshop

Benefit from subject-specific excursions

ORA students enjoy a variety of excursions during their time with us, and our Veterinary programmes benefit from visits to relevant sites. These trips give students the opportunity to get a sense for the reality of working in the field of veterinary science, whether that be on the front-line of a veterinary centre, in the depths of a research laboratory or even in the annals of history.

Summer school classroom with books

Enjoy an ORA summer

The ORA summer experience seeks to forge lasting friendships between dynamic, academically-motivated young people from all over the world. As well as your classmates, you will have the opportunity to meet and socialise with plenty of other students from your campus and age group thanks to our rich extra-curricular programme of workshops, excursions, and formal parties. We never forget that our students are enjoying their summer holidays, so we’re sure to offer plenty of extraordinary opportunities, from falconry and salsa to papercraft and stage combat.


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Hear from some of our past students

Student portrait

Eva, Switzerland

Introduction to Law

"An experience I would recommend!"

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Student portrait

Vladimir, Russia

Medical School Preparation

"The course gives us a perfect idea of what studying medicine in the UK is like"

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Student portrait

Rafia, Egypt

Medical School Preparation

"The course was definitely helpful for our UCAS medicine applications. Thank you for everything!"

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