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Student at ORA's Cambridge Summer School, 2019

  • Course type

    Course: New Perspectives

  • Location

    From: Armenia

  • Age

    Age: 14 years old

Highlights from Serly’s experience

  • Fully experienced what life as a University of Cambridge student is like
  • Feels inspired to now pursue her academic dreams
  • Made many friends from all over the world and kept in touch with them afterward


“This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place where everyone cares for you and everyone is ready to help you.”

I am sure; everyone once heard these words “Nothing is impossible”. A year ago, I was one of those people who believed it, but now I am one of those who has proved it.

My name is Serly and I am from Armenia. Armenia is a small country, but it is home to a global nation. It is located on the crossroad between Europe and Asia. I believe I have responsibly and proudly represented my country at ORA. I gladly shared the existence of my country and actually showed it to them on the world map, as they had never heard about it before.

As for my ORA experience, I am afraid I cannot find appropriate words to describe my incredible experience in Cambridge Clare College. It was my dream to be accommodated in a world-renowned university college. It gives you the sense of being a student there. When you can see Cambridge University every morning from your campus, when you see students running to their classes, you automatically imagine yourself being one of them in the future. This is the best motivation you can ever get in your life. There are thousands of pictures of Cambridge University online, but I assure you it feels extremely different when you see it with your own eyes.

I had the opportunity to take the New Perspective Programme, which included three academic subjects of my interest. They definitely helped me to discover my unknown power, gifts and brought out my curiosity in different fields. The course has totally changed my perspectives. Apparently, I am not the same. We had amazing teachers who did not only teach us but guided us through the way. They loved us. Besides the academic excellence that I was exposed to there, I had the privilege to enjoy super diverse environment, which was unbelievable. We learnt how to respect the ideas of others and experience that nice feeling to be sitting next to a person with a different background and different nationality. I think I am one of the happiest people in this world because I have at least one phone number to ring in every corner of the world.

When I first got there, Cambridge welcomed me with her splendid yet magnificent ancient buildings and added to this was the ORA staff’s warm greetings. From the first second Oxford Royale Academy made me feel free and joyful. You cannot simply walk in the college campus without smiling, because every so-called stranger you meet trades a smile and it normally makes you do the same. This is exactly what it means to be a part of a big international family. ORA is a place, where everybody cares for you, where everybody is ready to help you.

I will always remember what I felt when I saw Cambridge university for the first time. I was literally stunned as Cambridge was standing in front of
me with her greatness. There you can feel the breath of the centuries. This was an eye-opening course loaded with a dozen of wow moments.
I am doing everything to utilize my knowledge in my community and I believe that nothing can be an obstacle if you want to push for a change in your reality. While I am rooted in my local reality, my eyes and mind are open to the world.

ORA made me feel fulfilled, accomplished, safe and motivated. All in all, if you want to have your voice heard and experience a lot of turning points and milestones, join ORA!

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