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Student at ORA's Oxford Summer School, 2019

  • Course type

    Course: Broadening Horizons

  • Location

    From: Belize

  • Age

    Age: 16 years old

Highlights from Nia’s experience

  • Realised her future career aspirations in experimental psychology
  • Had inspiring and engaging teachers that made learning fun
  • Made new lifelong friends from all over the world 

I have gained more knowledge, and can therefore make more of an impact on the world. I think that my future goals have become clearer as I have explored options at ORA.

Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) is a great place to study in the summer. I took the Broadening Horizons program and studied in Queen’s College — the college is beautiful. You get the chance to take several courses and participate in afternoon activities. This includes subjects such as Experimental Psychology and Contemporary History, and activities such as ice skating and bouldering. There are many diverse peers for you to build friendships with and campus team members to guide you on your way and coordinate your activities and excursions. I made quite a few friends while I was there, which made my stay very comfortable. Many people from my close friend group were in my classes, and we would have lunch together. Because the people there were open and diverse, everyone was equal and it was very easy to socialise.

My first class was Experimental Psychology where we got an introduction to the psychology realm. I also found the class to be quite interactive. I got the opportunity to practice writing a report, which will aid in future applications and studies. My second class was Contemporary History. I did not enjoy this class as much as the others, most likely because I am not a big history lover. However, I did learn quite a bit and broadened my horizons. My final academic activity was my acting and performance skills afternoon workshop. I especially liked the teacher because he had a lot of passion and appreciated performance and each of our personalities. That workshop was a lot of fun and I am a better actor because of it. I think that these classes helped me learn more and develop. I feel that I am more independent and college-ready. I have gained more knowledge, and can therefore make more of an impact on the world. I think that my future goals have become clearer as I have explored options at ORA. Above, I mentioned the afternoon activities. I think that those activities were my favourite part of the program. I was introduced to punting, real tennis, and capture the flag, to name a few. Those experiences not only taught me, but created memories that will last a lifetime. Because I took classes that I have not taken before, I now am more educated about the options for my future. The city of Oxford was a great place to be for the two weeks for many reasons, some being that I felt very safe, there were a lot of places to go, and the living quarters was very close to the college. I highly enjoyed attending ORA, and I’m sure that you would too.

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