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Student at ORA's Oxford Summer School, 2019

  • Course type

    Course: Business and Enterprise Programme

  • Location

    From: Sierra Leone

  • Age

    Age: 18 years old

Highlights from Dennis’ experience

  • Won an ORA scholarship to study Business and Enterprise in Oxford
  • Got to put together his own unique business plan and navigate real-life obstacles as part of his course
  • Enjoyed exciting excursions and activities, and played lots of different sports

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

My Oxford Royale Academy journey started with me being accepted for the Business and Enterprise Program for Oxford Royale Academy 2019, at Yarnton Manor, Yarnton, Oxfordshire. That was a fantastic opportunity. When I received the news, I was out having pizza with a friend when I received an email that I have been accepted to the program. This was such excellent news. I said to myself, “This is a great opportunity and pleasant experience to have such a fantastic summer at Oxford University”. Shortly after I received the email, I was asked by the Admissions Lead to schedule a phone call. During the call, I was allowed to schedule which program I would like to do, and I chose the Business and Enterprise Program, which ran from June 9th-22nd. My decision was made based on my interest in Business.

On the 9th of June, I started off my journey to the Oxford Campus at Yarnton Manor, Yarnton, Oxfordshire. It was a series of train and bus transportation to make it to Yarnton Manor, but I eventually made it at around 3pm. I was warmly welcomed by Oxford Royale Academy staff. I signed in enthusiastically at the check-in desk, and I took my welcome package and room keys and headed off to my room. The rooms were terrific, and I had a room-mate from Finland. We quickly connected and prepared for the opening ceremony. Both parents and students were present for the ceremony, and it was a beautiful sight to see such a diverse group of students for Russia, India, Italy, etc. The opening ceremony was auspicious. During the ceremony, we were introduced to the Oxford Royale Academy staff that will be making our stay there enjoyable and safe. We were given a run-down of the rules to keep everyone safe and the day ended well, and I can say that I was more excited to start my class, meet my classmates and make new connections.

Classes officially started on the 10th of June, and I woke up early in the morning, got ready for class and ate a good breakfast. My class size was small, with 9 students in total. The teacher was able to focus and help each student individually as it was a small class of students from diverse backgrounds. We started off really well with introductions, and we each gave our purpose of being there for the Business and Enterprise Program. After that, we started out learning how Business and Enterprise work and the various things that we will be doing for the two weeks we will be spending there studying. I had background knowledge on the subject matter, and I was allowed to share my experience with the other students in the class, to make the learning process more relaxed and inclusive. We were expected at the end of the course to do a presentation on a Business Plan, with all the details of how we are going to do this and why we want to do this. This made me think critically with relevant knowledge. The learning style was practical, and we had a lot of real-life situations that we can relate our knowledge to. Also, I did a research paper to identify the Marketing mix Strategy of any top company of my choice. I did my research on Adidas, and at the end of the day, it was excellent research that gave me a lot of insight into how these big companies work. On graduation, all my hard work paid off well, and I got an A* on my Report card. This was one of the best academic experiences in my life, and I got away with so much knowledge that I did not know before. The knowledge and skills that I got from the program are useful for my future plans as a businessman to make the world accessible to all of us.

Also, apart from academics, we did a lot of other fun activities such as touristic visits, talent shows, and games. My time there was fun, and we had various sports such as frisbee, football, badminton, and board games to pass free time. We had exciting evenings with talent shows, debates, movie nights and quizzes. The program also organised various trips to many touristic attractions in Oxford and some other nearby cities. I visited The Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, S.S. Great Britain, and the Clifton Observatory. 

Finally, my experience at Oxford Royale Academy was amazing. Although it was a summer school, it felt like something more than that. When the program ended on the 22nd of June, the atmosphere was filled with nostalgia. It was departure time, and everyone was finding their way back home. There was a lot of contact exchange and a series of hugs among students. Some students departed by bus, some by train and others by airplane. Memories were made, and friendships created, and all of this was thanks to a time well spent at Oxford Royale Academy.

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