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Student at ORA's Yale Summer School, 2018

  • Course type

    Course: Yale Summer School

  • Location

    From: Argentina

  • Age

    Age: 16 years old

Highlights from Sara’s experience

  • Increased her self-confidence
  • Learned to respect and be inquisitive about different cultures
  • Helped her develop as a person and become more independent in preparation for studying at an overseas college in the future

It gave me the opportunity to improve my confidence. I would recommend this course at Yale to anyone!

What can I say about my experience with Oxford Royale Summer Schools? It’s hard to describe the amazing experience that I had. I met many people from different nationalities. This course taught me to respect the people’s different cultures and it gave me the chance to learn about them. It also gave me the opportunity to improve different qualities I have, like developing my confidence. As the course went on my friendship with my friends grew.

This experience taught me how to live by myself and in some way prepared me for when I go to college. This camp guided me in the right direction to being nearer my decision of what I want to do in the future. I had the opportunity to know one of the best universities in the world and get to know New York in a different way. In this short period of time it brought me a positive change. I would recommend everyone to do this course because it’s a great experience that you should have and will help you for your future education.

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